cheater cheater, pickle eater…

I have to tell you.

I have to share.

You have to know!

I love food.  That’s not what I’m telling you.  But you should know that.  Also?  I love pickles.  And other pickled veggies.

But… there is always a but…

Pickling and canning scare me.  It’s hot and scalding and scary and you need special jars and equipment and such.  I have friends that happily do it, but not me.  Also, probably don’t need to make things in that quantity.  So I looked into refrigerator pickling which is just what it sounds like.  You make pickles in the fridge.

But then I heard somewhere, and boy howdy do I wish I recalled where, about someone pickling in pickle juice.

Yep.  Yes.  Mhmm.  In the juice from the pickle jar.

It’s reducing.  It’s reusing. And it’s recycling.  It’s also lazy.  I had a cucumber to make Greek salad.  I had half a cucumber left over.  I sliced it up.  I poured the juice from an empty pickle jar over it and stuck it in the fridge for 24 hours.

Like magic! Bam! Pickles.  Delicious pickles.

Well… almost pickles.  I should wait a couple more days and then they will really really be pickles.  For real.  But now I’m inspired to make the actual refrigerator pickle brine.

If you understood the level of love of pickled items around this house you might understand the joy.

Sigh.  Off to find things to pickle.

5 thoughts on “cheater cheater, pickle eater…

  1. Sybil Law says:

    Oh hot damn, I loves me some pickles.

    My grandma, though, made these pickled cucumbers that were hot pink in appearance, and tasted cinnamon-y. They were incredible. I should google that this second, because I would totally try it.

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