Waking up this morning there was a chill in the air that was unexpected. August in Portland is drawing to a close and in my memory this is usually the very hottest time of the year here. Anything more than a tank top and skirt is unbearable if we go out in the heat so we either lay in the air conditioned house careful to keep the curtains drawn or seek some other cool place to rest and relax. There are no trips to the park or zoo when the weather is in the 90’s because here in Oregon that’s the worst weather. Better to wait for a day that’s overcast and cool or even rainy than to risk sunburn and heatstroke.

Why would I want to go for a hike with temperatures threatening to reach 100?

But like I said, today came with a chill in the air. Stepping out my front door I was amazed that long sleeves seemed to be a necessity. I know the weather will turn again. It’s not the end of our summer and I’m sure I’ll find a way to enjoy the next warm days that come my way. I’ll lounge on a sunny patio or hide in the cool house. Make sun tea. Draw with sidewalk chalk. Go for a stroll in the park. But this day with its cool breeze and wispy white clouds is a reminder of those mild Portland days that I love best.

They’ll come. They always do.

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