tattoos and gossip

I sat down to watch something last night on hulu but couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch.  Nothing.  Maybe it was my mood.  But I was in the mood for some television style distraction so I thought and I thought and I thought and my mind went back to the Henry Rollins spoken word show I went to a couple of weeks back and I thought… Hm.  Sons of Anarchy.  I wonder if that’s on hulu.  I’m always up for a Rollins fix.

Yeah.  No.  I’m not.

So like I said, I sat down to watch it, curled up in bed on my trusty little macbook, and there was a whole lot of not Rollins in it and a tiny bit of Rollins doing what he does best as an actor which is looking angry.  And awkward.  And a whole lot of soap opera style drama but with closed fists and guns instead of open palm slaps and fictional poisons.

And I thought to myself, maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m the only one who can look at the ultra violent biker gun running show and see Lights Camera Action SOAP!

Yeah.  No.  It’s not.

I sheepishly confessed to a friend that I was watching it.  The reaction? Something along the lines of oh no Cami, don’t do that, it’s like Melrose Place for bikers.

Giggle.  It was worth watching it just to hear that synopsis.


3 thoughts on “tattoos and gossip

  1. Mom says:

    I peeked infor a look see because I’m a Ron Pearlman fan. Just another poorly done show. I miss “quality” TV , if there ever was such a thing.

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