sun warmed

Calm, with little signs of life zipping back and forth and around and around.  K chatting at me a million miles a minute.  The breeze just brushing the bottoms of my bare feet as I kick them gently behind me, swishing them through the air.  Swimming in slow motion while the cool green grass presses into my elbows and leaves marks for each blade I’m crushing while it slowly dampens my jeans where my thighs and hips hold my weight against the ground.

I sigh with the ease of the moment and bask in the  the comfort of my tank top, warmed by the sun as a wisp of wind raises goosebumps on the exposed flesh of my arms.

Closing the book I’m reading at the end of the chapter, I take a deep breath and soak in the warmth of this perfect May Saturday just a moment longer before looking up and addressing one of the 10,000 questions I’ve just been asked about what to do with the rest of our day.  Standing up I can feel the dozy comfort of laying in the warm grass begin to fade away, but the calmness stays for at least a while longer.

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