hello there Monday, you sly son of a…

Wow, those last couple of weeks just zipped right by didn’t they?

What?  You don’t remember them?  The last couple weeks of LAST year, the first few days of THIS year?  Yeah.  They were quick.  And tomorrow is a whole new world!  I love my kid.  I do.  She’s all kinds of great wrapped up in a bundle of awesome… and I adore my husband.  He’s all charming and sweet (though not at all a morning person)…

But holy hell will I be glad when they get out of my house for a few hours! Imagine what I could do in those spare moments.  I could…  well everything I can think of is either boring or a little inappropriate, but rest assured I’m ready for everyone to be back in their respective spaces.

This week month year is shaping up to be really busy and completely wonderful and, though I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m really looking forward to having Monday tomorrow.  If nothing else it will get me back into the swing of things.

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