a week of secrets: day four

There’s an exception to what I said yesterday… you know when I said I disliked most holidays…  I only dislike them when I have to celebrate them the way I’m told.  If I can find my own tradition I’m a pretty happy girl.

Today is a day I’m thankful for.  Not because I’m spending hours in the kitchen building a giant feast for people to glut themselves on (because I’m not).  Not because I’m watching football games that drive me crazy (because I’m not).  Not because I’m going to eat so much turkey that the tryptophan will put me to sleep (because I’m not).

It’s because I’m spending the day in a quite way with the two people I love most.

I honestly hope you have something to be thankful for as well.

3 thoughts on “a week of secrets: day four

  1. Sybil Law says:

    I cannot WAIT to eat a bunch of turkey and all those trimmings. I dread the day it’s going to be my job to make it. For now, I am thankful I don’t.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. holly says:

    i had no cooking duty today. i was quite thankful for that, in spite of the lack of day-offness. and this evening, i was quite thankful for zombieland. because that rocked.

    i’m also thankful i follow sybil. she rocks too.

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