um I do…

I’m standing over the sink in my too tiny kitchen drinking out of the 1 teaspoon sized measuring spoon that is still attached to its nesting mates when Mike walks in.  He looks at me and stifles a giggle then looks at the counter.  He’s just cleaned the kitchen so part of me is aware that he’s surveying any damage I may be doing.  Then he sees the plate with the contents of my bedtime snack on it and laughs.

Mike:  Oh come on… who takes Codeine cough syrup with lemon meringue pie?

Me:  um…. I do.  Obviously.

Mike: Well then, Codeine and Lemon Meringue FTW!

(I’ll be back soon when I’m not unconscious, coughing or drugged to keep the coughing at bay)

2 thoughts on “um I do…

  1. Sybil Law says:

    Codeine cough syrup goes well with ANYTHING.
    And bizarre, because that is identical to how I take my icky medicine (with sweets)!
    Get better! That’s an order.

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