to do day

I’ll be honest from the very beginning and admit that this post is mostly going up so I have something else to stare at if I go to my blog.  Some other piece of writing.  Words different than words of mourning.  So on that cheery note I present to you my to do day.

We would always prefer to do something fun on a Saturday but sometimes necessity is a bitch.  Needs have a tendency to nag and tug at the corner of my mind until I feel like someone is hitting me over the head with the need for scissors and glue sticks.  If we don’t do the school supply shopping this weekend then there won’t be any school supplies left at all.  We’ll wind up mixing flour and water and sticking inside a toilet paper tube then sealing it up in saran wrap trying to convince the teacher that we’re just too environmentally friendly to buy that either glue.  That wide ruled paper she needs?  Printer paper with little blue lines drawn across it.  I could almost manage that except I’m not sure where the ruler is and my hands don’t seem steady enough to rule 100 sheets of paper on the fly.  All in all it would just be easier to go pick up those items the school needs us to bring in.

I don’t know if I should be comforted or concerned by the fact that for the first time since she entered public school K’s list of required items doesn’t include hand sanitizer.

Then there are the other details…  like my expired ID, the broken microwave and K’s complete lack of black dress shoes.  We have a memorial to go to on Tuesday and though I find her adorable in her dresses and black combat style boots, it’s not the right look for her Great-Grandmother’s memorial.

Well that was a downer.

I’m off now, I have to attempt to get these sleepy people up and about before the DMV gets packed and the stores run out of good microwaves, soap and glue sticks.

Then there’s the tiny nagging fact that I’ve never made a gram cracker crust before and I need to make one for the Portland Pie-off tomorrow which is causing me all kinds of pie related anxiety.  I didn’t even know Pie anxiety could it exist… but there it is.

I hope your Saturday is less To Do in it than mine does.

3 thoughts on “to do day

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m looking at a to do list with exciting things like “Go buy a new ceiling fan”, “Replace ceiling fan”, and “Look at the leaky sink” (again/still). Le sigh.

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