the silly sitter chronicles

Last week I wrote about an incident with the sitter and the dishwasher that left my kitchen floor sparkly clean… well Violet Nuit sat with K for 10 hours yesterday and we came home to yet another installment of what has now been titled by K  “The Silly Sitter Chronicles”.

10 hours is a long time so I decided to plan a couple of fun things they could do if they got bored.  Since it’s been really hot out I thought they might like to make some ice cream.  We had everything in the house for lime sherbet so I put out the ice cream maker and the instruction book with a hand written note letting Violet Nuit know where all the ingredients could be found.  I even took the limeade (the key flavor ingredient) out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to thaw.

I must now note that on a very selfish level I was looking forward to getting home to a happy child who made lime sherbet because that would mean that when I got home from a long day at Digital Journalism Camp I would have lime sherbet to look forward to.  Can you say yum?

Let’s just say that it didn’t turn out as expected.  Since neither of them had ever made sherbet before they didn’t realize that the limeade was the main ingredient, or maybe that it was an ingredient at all.  Instead they used a bottle of San Pelligrino Limonata. When it was all mixed and ready it was more like a milk ice.  They added some honey to try to sweeten it but it didn’t really change it from milk ice.

They thought the recipe was just an epic fail until I got home and pointed out the can of thawed limeade concentrate in the fridge, on the shelf, right next to wear the Limonata was.  The Limonata milk ice?  It was Nassssty.

But my dishwasher was unloaded and reloaded, my kitchen was clean and I had exactly 1 very happy little girl waiting for me…  I think I’m liking the silly sitter situation.

And maybe there’s a series of children’s books in this.

I can’t wait to see what they get up to next time.

Tomorrow?  I’ll tell you about Digital Journalism Camp.

4 thoughts on “the silly sitter chronicles

  1. Violet Nuit says:

    Dishwashers are fun. I just stand there and stare at them because I don’t have one and the fact there is this magical machine that can wash a load of dishes in a short amount of time and not sit in the sink for weeks until the ants come and visit and the kitchen reeks, is pretty much amazing to me. Ahh. Its also handy for giving My Little Pony baths, which K was really skeptical about (so I just washed them in the sink), but MAN, I really wanted to throw all of them in there…

    I will get my chance. Someday.

  2. camikaos says:

    That’s right, I forgot to mention the little pony bath happening and K’s terror over your dishwasher suggestion. I laughed and laughed… good times.

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