truth be told, sort of

Oh babies, it’s time to come clean.  Tell the truth.  Fill you in.  You deserve to know these things after all.

Here it goes, are you ready?  This is big…

It’s been really hot.  There I’ve said it.  It’s been really hot and the truth is that I live in Portland, Oregon.  Not California, not Arizona, not the deep South.


The land of pretty green things and water falls and a river running smack dab through the middle of the city.  Oh and pretty snow capped peaks that I can see whenever it isn’t too cloudy.  It’s been hot and it makes me tired and sweaty and cranky.

And a bit more amorous than normal…  but that isn’t a problem.

It also leaves me with this stupid mixture of hungry with no desire to eat.  It’s an odd situation to find myself in.  I think I’ve been eating a meal and a snack each day, it’s all I have the energy for.

Plus, even though it’s summer and it is super duper hot (I heard 109 today.  I also heard 107 and 111 but I chose to report 109 to you because it’s in the middle and makes me think I’m being reasonable) we are living in the dark.  Seriously, it’s like we’re cave dwellers with all our curtains drawn and the lights turned out in an attempt to keep the house cooler.  I think I’m getting the winter blues in the summer.  That just doesn’t seem right.


I should be out in the beautiful weather rockin’ a cute little sundress and my black patent leather cork wedges drinking ice tea in my new sunglasses.  Instead?  I’m sitting on my bed in a nightie at noon typing up a blog post about the weather and it’s effect on me while I try to figure out why on earth I’m allowing my cat, who is like a portable heater, to snuggle with me.

If I were wearing a face mask and guzzling a martini with little feathery high heel slippers I’d be a movie character right now.

3 thoughts on “truth be told, sort of

  1. NanaKaos says:

    Welcome to my normal weather world,now, however, we are experiencing the nicest summer weather we have ever had. We have had the A/C on once this month, you know what it can be like here. I hope it get better for you.

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