down there

I need to handle this with a little delicacy.  A sense of decorum.  I need to say it gently because otherwise I might freak out.

It’s possible that I may have already freaked out… but just a little.

How am I going to say this?  What’s the best way to handle the situation we’ve found ourselves in?  I say we… this really doesn’t concern you.  It’s not your problem, it’s mine.  You see babies, at the perfectly lovely age of 32 (I really am enjoying my 30s so far, no complaints from me at all) I’ve found  a gray hair.

No big deal, I know I know.  Plus my gorgeous husband as a full head of white and gray hair, granted he is 13 years older than I am, but I love his hair.  If only I could get him to stop dying it so I could see it.

But this is not about him and his gray hair.  This is about me and my gray hair.  The one I found today.  When I was in the bathroom.  Looking down.  You know what I’m saying, right?

Right.  That’s where I found it.

16 thoughts on “down there

  1. mediaChick says:

    Stoopid aging process, with its aches and pains and gray pubes. Wait, unless you’re talking about something else. Wait…let me go back and re-read…

    “I’ve found a gray hair.” “When I was in the bathroom. Looking down.”

    Yep, gray haired pubes. STOOPID AGING PROCESS!!

  2. morganpdx says:


    Good one Cami. Good one. Fortunately all my grayness has occurred on top of my head. Err…at least I *think* it’s fortunate. It is, isn’t it?


  3. NanaKaos says:

    I was going to say that Miss Francis isn’t doing a very good job, but this isn’t exactly in her arena. Suck up baby, Grandpa Earle was totally gray by the time he was 40, I don’t know for sure mind you, but I’m pretty sure. As for me ,personally, I don’t bother to even look, I have enough gray hair on my head, and they have been there for many years. Besides, “Not even your hair dresser knows for sure.”

  4. Anne says:

    Yeah, I read this the other day, “I adore watching Anderson Cooper but every time I see him I have to wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.”

  5. ZERILDA says:

    why are we worrying about that?

    seriously, my bob, i have so, so many other things to worry about. gray down there is so low on the list, it doesn’t even have a proper number.

    i’m not even worried about the three i found up top!

  6. scott tennyson says:

    down there is the only place i have hair. aging! it’s a physical cartoon. laugh so as not to cry. however as your body falls into decrepitude your mind, hopefully gets better, so, you know, there’s that.


  7. Hotmamamia says:

    I’m impressed…not only did mine turn gray, but they went from curly to straight! OH..TMI??? My head did the opposite…I went from slightly wavy to curly…I wonder if there is a correlation there somehow???

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