that’s why I couldn’t finish the laundry…

Laundry and I… we’re like *this*…  and when you picture the “this” please don’t see me smiling and winking and crossing my fingers to indicate the total closeness laundry and I have.  Instead picture me on top of a pile of clothing stabbing it brutally with a spear while dressed in some leather gladiator chick outfit that doesn’t need to be washed because I fucking hate laundry.

It’s not so much the washing as it is the folding and putting it away.  I love the way it smells when it comes fresh and warm out of the dryer.  If I could just take that hot heap of clean cloth and throw it on my bed and then roll in it in various states of undress I’d be a happy little camper.  But I can’t.  That would after all defeat the entire purpose of washing it in the first place.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to do laundry so very often, but for some reason my family expects clean clothes towels and sheets every week.

They are so demanding.

K is too young still to do her own laundry, but I make her sort her dirty clothes and put away the clean ones (though it makes more work for me when she puts it away because eventually I have to go tidy up her closet and clothes bins).  Mike gets a pass because I’m the one that signed up for this whole “Stay at home mom & housewife thing”.  If I wanted to work outside of the home I’m sure I could make him do his own laundry… but as it is, it’s part of my job is to keep that man of mine in clean underwear and socks…

So it’s like that… the laundry and I are in a never ending struggle to the death.  It’s not a war I can win, just a series of tiny battles and I must win the same victory over and over again.  Today though I will not be able to claim that victory.  For today the laundry has won a temporary reprieve.

Our dryer vents to our side yard and our neighbors are having their yearly garage sale.  If I turn on the dryer now it will vent steam all over the neighbors, their stuff and their shoppers and since we gave them permission years ago to use our side yard for their sale each year it would really be rather rude of my to steam them out.

So if Mike asks, that’s why I couldn’t finish the laundry today.

8 thoughts on “that’s why I couldn’t finish the laundry…

  1. Sybil Law says:

    BUT at least their sale would smell all laundry fresh!!
    Oh wait – that doesn’t help you at all.
    Eh. I got nothin’. (But my own piles of laundry to do.)

  2. mielikki says:

    Must run in the family, Laundry is my nemisis, I have a basket of fresh, folded clothing sitting here taunting me at this moment, and a bunch of stuff to hang up. Yet here I sit, watching crap TV instead….

  3. Brian Enigma says:

    Because I never really liked folding and putting away laundry, I used to have — a long time ago — two clothes hampers. One would be for dirty clothes and one would be for clean clothes (just not folded or put away). The clothes would eventually work their way from the “clean” hamper to the “dirty” hamper, I’d do laundry, and then their roles would be reversed. It basically worked out until I got clothes that were more prone to wrinkling.

  4. angel says:

    Ooh… I wish I could blame the neighbours somehow when stuff doesn’t get done!
    Horribly spoilt that I am though, I have a maid twice a week.

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