because maybe I’m getting a little stodgy

There are a few things to discuss today class.

Key among them being that Easter was yesterday.  What’s that?  How was my Easter?  Very secular, thanks for asking.  K woke us up bright & early at 6:30 in the morning wanted to see what the Easter Bunny had left for her.

I, being a little on the grumpy side in the morning, said no.  I told her that I can’t even get her to wake up at 6:45 during the week to get ready for school, I certainly wasn’t letting her go on an egg hunt at 6:30 in the morning.  No. Way.

Then I told her to go back to sleep.  You can probably guess how well that worked.  When that failed for the 14th time in ten minutes I told her to wake up daddy.  Yes I am a cruel cruel mate.  If I were kinder I would just eat him after we mated.  That’s what some spiders do right?

Once she’d managed to separate Mike from the bed I really had no choice but to get up.  I’m the one that makes coffee you see, and there really was no way I could expect the man to function on a multi-syllabic level that early in the morning without his pot of coffee.  So I let K “check out” the scene with strict instructions not to touch anything or hunt for any eggs while I stepped into the kitchen.

Are you sensing a pattern.  I say things that are not only completely ridiculous but are also nearly impossible for her to do.  She did her best though.  She danced around the room running from egg to egg each one perched in a more precarious or hilarious location while I made myself a cup of tea and Mike a pot of coffee.  But to her credit, she did not touch them.

The story gets kind of boring at this point.  She ran around the living room retrieving eggs like a pro, opened the small gifts from Mike and I and shook up the snow globe from my mom and dad about 672 times.

But that’s not where our secular wonderland ended, oh no.  Then it was all sorts of odds and ends plus brunch and a trip to the movie theater to see Race to Witch Mountain.  I’m sure it has it’s very own genre but I won’t use it.  It belongs to the family of films I like to call Kiddie Action Movies.  Then we went home and did at home things before having a nice snuggle while we watched It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown.

After that it was time for the little one to go to bed.  We read a few chapters of her book, cuddled up and she fell asleep… Just in time for Mike and I to have a WILD and CRAZY night.

I made a martini and he sipped cava and we sat at the dining table with our computers snickering at twitter until we decided that we should watch ANOTHER movie.  A grown up action movie.

Bond, James Bond in Quantum of Solace.

Then 30 minutes in I decided I liked the Kiddie Action movie better.  After all, Race to Witch Mountain had Dwayne Johnson in it and he’s all kinds of funny when he puts the hurt on people.

Then 45 minutes into the movie I decided to admit that I am just a stodgy brat who probably shouldn’t watch movies late at night unless I can just giggle and cringe.

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