passing notes

The other day I was doing some long overdue blog rounds, reading people I’ve only just become enamored with as well as some old favorites.  One of those favorites did something very interesting (say that with a funny faux German accent please).  She made secret notes to some of the blogs that she frequents.  Right there, out in the open, on her blog.  She left bloggers little messages but with no clue as to who the recipients might be.  I was intrigued.  I poured over each little note wondering if I could discover the identity of the bloggers in question but alas… I’m not so clever and I will never know.

It gave me a wonderful idea though.  Fantastic.  I would STEAL her idea!!!  I will now leave notes to some of the authors of the blogs I regularly read!!  Oh yeah… that’s right.  I have things to say to you (well maybe you, I have no way of knowing if you’re reading this or not… so this is probably sooo not about you).

– I love you most when you’re being bitchy.

– Stop trying so hard to be someone and just be you.

– I read you in my google reader every day and laugh my ass off.  I’ve been reading your blog for 2 years.  I’ve only commented twice…  Since you probably don’t know that… I think it’s all good.

– You have a lot of people fooled, but not me.

– I’m glad you’re back.  I missed your voice when you went away.

– Keep your chin up.

– You’re so funny that someday very soon, some one will pee themselves laughing. *

That was very satisfying.  But what about you?  Do you have any secret messages to a blogger out there?

*this person soooo knows who she is.

8 thoughts on “passing notes

  1. 123Val says:

    Yippee! Spread the secret love, CamiK! I stoled the idear in the first place, so ain’t no shame in that, sister.

  2. Sybil Law says:

    I know who I think, 3 of these are…
    I love this idea, too!!! Very cool. You’d figure out what I said about you too easily. It would be like, “You are the best twin in the world and I loves you tons”, only maybe I could make it less obvious. :)

  3. angel says:

    I like it! I think I’m just going to pretend most of them are for me, even though I haven’t visited you in a loooong time.

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