take your daddy to tech day

You’re all familiar, I’m sure, with take your daughter to work day?  Well today is take your tech events day.  That’s right my daddy is visiting.  He’s been in town for over a week now.  We were busy last friday, and this week’s lunch 2.0 in Portland was rescheduled… but today is Beer & Blog and so I’m going to take my dad to this lovely Portland Tech event and show him off as we make the rounds and talk to all the beautiful Portland Tech people.

When that’s done we’ll head home and have some dinner before we take my dad downstairs and force him into the Strange Love Live studio audience.

Good times.  Good times for all.

Suddenly I wish they’d had “Take your daughter to work day: when I was a kid…

3 thoughts on “take your daddy to tech day

  1. furiousBall says:

    I wish there was Take Your Daughter to Work Day when I was a kid to, except that he would make me wear a dress and then there would be a reason for lots of things in my life right now.

    Shit, was that out loud?

  2. ZERILDA says:

    my dad was in the navy, specifically on a submarine. that would have been a little wrong. interesting for me…mostly…

    he did actually take me to base a few times. i got a little acquainted with that sport you call “pool.”

    i love that you call your father “daddy.” it is so sweet. :)

    oooooh. wow. this post just caused me to have an epiphany. i’m not sure it was a good one. and it’s right before bedtime. any nightmares shall be reported forthwith.

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