best of both worlds

This week I get something magical and special.

Two Fridays.

For a stay at home mom I have an odd schedule.  Monday – Thursday is your normal thing for me.  I try to go to bed at a decent hour, I get up early, get my daughter ready for school and help my husband get out the door to work.  Then I keep to my own schedule, of volunteering, laundry, cooking, a bit of cleaning, blogging and a little work for Strange Love Live.

Then Friday night comes and my calm family evening is shoved aside to make room for “work”.  Every Friday night for the last year I’ve had to work.  I get K tucked in for the evening, I style my hair, put on make up, throw on an out fit and then make sure all my facts are in order.

K is not fond of Friday nights, she’s used to being the center of my world and all she wants after a long week of school is to hang out with mama and daddy and not worry about her bedtime.  It would be nice, it really would… but that she has to share me with others one night a week doesn’t seem unreasonable at all when you consider all the working parents in the world.  Still there’s that part of me that longs for a Friday night to spend time with my kid, watch a movie, have some dinner and snuggle without giving a thought to my alarm clock the next day or the show I have to do in a few hours.

Well tonight is that night.  The hustle and bustle of her school day is over, Mike will be leaving work soon and there is NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!

Today is THURSDAY but it’s like FRIDAY… but with no podcast.  Now I can enjoy tonight with my family and still enjoy recording my show tomorrow night.

Best of both Fridays all in one week.  I’m a lucky girl.

7 thoughts on “best of both worlds

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  2. Melanie says:

    Hey! I’ve been waiting ages to come in here and tell you that I saw strangelovelive on the news a while back! I about peed myself, I was so excited for you. Yer all, like, famous, and stuff. Congratulations!

    (I’m back online.)

  3. ZERILDA says:

    I HATE the weekends. It is when I have to run around picking up after everyone, non-stop. WEll! Not this one, baby. I’m going to demand I get some major time for crap I want to do. And if stuff doesn’t get put away? Hmm…well *they’ll* have to deal with it, won’t they.

  4. Sugar Jones says:

    Oh that’s fantastic! I have a Blog Talk show every morning at 9am. The other morning, all my daughter wanted to do was to go have breakfast alone with me… “mother/daughter time.” It used to be easier to just cast aside my imaginary world, but when you have a guest scheduled and have put so much energy into it, it’s not like you can just say yea, I’d rather have frence toast. Maybe I need to give myself a three day weekend, huh?

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