no, not me

My birthday is coming soon.  Less than a week away and I want to be very very excited.  Want to be, but not so much.

Why?  None of the reasons you might think (like I could possibly know what you’re thinking right).

It’s because for 3 weeks there have been sick people in my house coughing and hacking and dripping snot, curling up to me with high fevers and drinking out of my water glass when I’m not looking.  Last week I strarted feeling rundown.  Tired.  Weak.

And really really cold.

So I did what anyone would do (cause I totally know what you do) and I loaded up on vitamin C, ginger, tea, water and sleeeeeep.  I napped and napped and rested and rested because I CAN’T BE SICK.  I had a show to do Friday night that I was really excited about (if you aren’t a regular listener of SLL this is a good week to check it out).

You’d think all that resting and vitamin C and ginger and tea and water and napping would have done a body good but this morning something is bugging me.  A cough has surfaced.  A fucking cough.

Happy birthday to me, I’m pretty sure I’m doing to spend it on cold meds.

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