the calendar

I have to know, I really do.  I need to ask and you have to tell me…

Am I the only one putting stuff on my calendar for the summer?

It started innocently enough.  Marking the last day of school, noting the date of K’s ballet performance.  Writing in a conference… or two.  Okay fine it was 4 conferences.  4 of them.  But damn it, it can’t be helped.

I don’t want to be a slave to my calendar but I REALLY don’t want to find out I can’t do something because I didn’t keep track of something else.

So right now while I should be thinking of something profound and earth shattering to share with you I am instead sitting with a printed calendar by my elbow.  Yes I printed the calendar out on dead trees because sometimes a girl needs something tangible to hold in her hands and cuss at.

February is almost gone and I’m glad, looking at it, it’s a mess

March, well March is worse than February.  Not only do we have 5 family birthdays and countless friend birthdays but we also have school events, girl scout events, family visiting, parties we’re throwing, concerts to go to, a looooooooong dentist appointment for me on St. Patricks day and then there’s Strange Love Live.  Oh and lunches, and meet ups and general anarchy (which I can’t schedule because then it wouldn’t be anarchy).

April already has more than it’s fair share of little colored blocks filling up the days.  How an that be?

May.  You’d think May would be a nice safe month but it isn’t.  I already count 12 colored squares.  Twelve.  By the time March is over May is sure to be full.

June, dear sweet June.  June should be chill.  It should be mellow.  June and I should be BFFs right?  June has just as much on it as May does my dear friends, and I’ll tell you the truth, I’m unwilling to look at July.

Tell me I’m not the only one?

8 thoughts on “the calendar

  1. Ceci says:

    You’re not the only one… Well.. in the mess that it is. I tend to not write anything down but then I get caught up in scheduling and re-scheduling from week to week. Maybe my answer should be yes and no. I plan but only up to a certain point and find that sometimes I miss things. I think your way is better but OY! It would be nice if we could live without scheduling wouldn’t it???

    Perhaps you need an assistant…

  2. ZERILDA says:

    FIRST of all, you rock. Now then…

    Honey, I don’t even know what I’m doing an hour from now. By that I mean a waking hour, as, in an *actual* hour, I obey my new blog commandments and go to bed, as it will be after midnight. But in a waking hour from now, good BOB knows what the PTOMCRUISE I’ll be doing.

    They’re still planning on doing June this year are they? I thought we all got bored of that one. I could really do with having 11 months instead of 12. OR 13. Thirteen months would also be good. As long as neither of them are June.

  3. ZERILDA says:

    you know, i just had another thought. it popped in my head, the phrase ‘those who don’t plan, plan to fail.’ now clearly that can’t be true. because if you were planning to fail, that would be planning, which means you *had* planned, which means you wouldn’t fail. i have just totally caught out some stranger’s bad logic. score one for the z-girl.

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