the journal of a would be madman: part 1

The election prompted Mike to take a look back at a journal he had written in school as a boy.  I’ve seen many such journals and always reflected that I would love to share them with you, dear internets.  Well today is your lucky day because I asked if I could scan a few pages for your general amusement and remarkably, he said yes.

I’ve decided that his hard work shouldn’t be wasted by sharing the pages all at once, so over the next couple of weeks I will post a page at a time.  This first page is incredibly timely, it tells you why an 8 year old Mike thinks you should vote for Nixon…


8 thoughts on “the journal of a would be madman: part 1

  1. hollydolly says:

    that is so cool!

    i had an epiphany whilst in a meeting with my son’s teacher about doing something like this. only, it would be art-ish, not writing. because, you know, he’s 3. he can’t write. yet.

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