I know you won’t believe this but someone *GASP* tagged me.  I thought everyone on the internet knew how I felt about being tagged (I’m not fond of it).  But there was someone who didn’t know that camikaos… she don’t do tags…  But I like her, and I have nothing else to write about today AND this thing she tagged me for?  Involves the number 7…  I LOVE THE NUMBER 7… so without further ado I will do this thing I was tagged with (but none of you others get any ideas…. I’m still anti-tag).

I must confess to seven things, Morgan says so!

1)We recently got rid of our cable and TiVo… that’s not the confession.  Mike went and got me an apple TV and we loaded Boxee on it… that’s not the confession.  I miss my TiVo.  That’s the confession.  I really miss my TiVo… but not $900 worth and that’s what cable and TiVo cost per year so I’m just going to go on missing it.

2) I was a vegetarian for a year when I was a teenager.  It was almost entirely because I was a jerk.  I thought it would really irritate my dad.

3) When we got our 2nd cat, Spike, I called Mike at work and cried until he said I could adopt him.  I didn’t cry to get him to okay the cat adoption… but when I realized it was getting to him I didn’t make an effort to stop.

4) I don’t think Mike realized he loved me until we were sitting in a Jazz club one night.  We just stopped in to have drinks and didn’t intend to stay, but Eddie Marshall (drummer/ composer) was amazing and I just needed to stay and listen.  When I told him I wanted to stay for the whole set he realized things were good with us.

5) I have more than 10 books filled with poetry I’ve written.  I hate it all but still think of myself as a poet

6) At one point I had 15 piercings.  10 were in my ears.  Now I only have 11.  10 are still in my ears.  I miss 2 of my piercings and hope to have them redone before the end of 2009

7) I regularly dream that I’m on the Late Show with David Letterman.  I’m never sure why he has me on the show, but he has me on pretty regularly.  I talk about my life, new shoes, what I cooked for dinner… the kind of stuff I normally blog about.  I’ve been having this same dream for about 10 years.  Last week I had a dream I was on the Daily Show instead…  I wonder what that means.

(and now because I am cruel I will tag.  Oh yes, yes I will.  Verso… you’re it baby.  Take that.  And Holly… you too.  Sybil, you always need something to blog about baby.  I think three is enough, don’t you?)

6 thoughts on “sevenish

  1. Sybil Law says:

    So, so true. It’s like the only time I blog anymore! Once my own computer is set up again, things may change. So, for once, I thank you for the blog fodder. And for tagging my ass. (You know I love it when you tag my ass!!)

  2. morganpdx says:

    My first thought: omg Cami said she LIKES ME! omgomgomg!

    Ha. Yeah didn’t know about the aversion to tagging. Noted, and thanks for playing along THIS ONE TIME. And NEVER AGAIN.

    I wouldn’t worry about the David Letterman thing. And the Daily Show development just shows your act is maturing. Now if you start dreaming yourself on Jay Leno…THEN I would worry. A lot.

  3. angel says:

    we don’t have tivo in south africa, but i am lucky enough to have a pvr satelite decoder which works on similar lines- i can record what i want to see up to a week in advance…! its so awesome!

  4. hollydolly says:

    oh really. okay. if i’m going to do this then you have to do the thing i’m doing on thursday (don’t worry, you’ll love it) (i think) (i hope).

    oh WOW 15! i am proud of my 5! and i had 2 more done before i got preggers with the thrower. then they hurt like a son-of-a-beotch and i had to take them out. i will do them again, i think.

    oh my bob i love your header. i don’t know why that shocks me, i always do love it.

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