Chronicles of Bubba the Hamster: Part 2

There’s something all of you should know, and I want to tell you this in no uncertain terms…

Ready for the knowledge I am about to impart to you?  Here it is, hamsters are gross, nasty, unhygienic little fuckers who given the chance will lie around in their own shit all day.


Bubba is alive and well.  The cats are miserable because they still can’t be in the guest room.  Mike has been amazingly patient given his dislike of rodents.  And K?  K really doesn’t care much.

She’ll watch if we feed him some fresh veggies but then she quickly scampers away in favor of her new robot dog or our cats.

The bad news is we’ve got almost another week with this smelly little fuzz ball in our house.  Another week of him dragging every ounce of cage lining into his exercise wheel and then trying to run in it like an idiot.  Another week of trying to keep the cats from eating him.  Another week of him dragging his cage lining back out of his wheel again and then trying to get comfy on the hard plastic of his wheel… and then?  Pulling it all back into the Wheel again.  I understand that being a hamster must be a terribly boring and lame existence and I should feel bad that he irritates me so very much… but I don’t.

The good news?  K doesn’t seem to want a hamster anymore and if she ever asks for one I have plenty of reasons to say no.


PS:  He stinks even after I clean his cage but I have to admit that occasionally he is kind of cute.

10 thoughts on “Chronicles of Bubba the Hamster: Part 2

  1. Lilacspecs says:

    Hamsters, in my experience of them (my friend in college had a few hidden away in her dorm till she accidentally killed them with an air freshener…long story) are “pet store” cute.
    Like, totally fun to watch when they aren’t yours but totally, brain numbingly dull and annoying once you own one.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    He is cute, but I prefer gerbils as they are really friendly and do more than just stuffing bedding into wheels, honest. They are messy though, in fact I need to invent something to catch the wood shavings they kick out before Mr B hoovers them up with the mess.

    I love cute and cuddly little creatures. But I get why some people don’t. :D

  3. mielikki says:

    We had a guinea pig. I think. It bit middle sister and my mom got ‘rid’ of it somehow. I don’t remember caring. But I was really young. After that we stuck with cats.

  4. Joe says:

    Ya I used to have them when I was younger. And I noticed that keeping them in an aquarium caused them to stink more.

    Actual cadges had more air flow and droppings could fall in a pan and were much easier to clean.

    Don’t worry the week will go by fast.

  5. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky says:

    Interesting that one poster should mention hamster fondue and another should mention guinea pigs. As it turns out, guinea pigs have been raised for food in the Andes for millenia. The Incas ate them and their descendants eat them today. I suppose they taste like chicken. :)

  6. divebarwife says:

    we had two hamsters when I was a kid… being nocturnal, they did nothing in the day when we wanted to watch them, but ran in their wheel all night long keeping us awake with the squeaking. they got banished from the bedroom to the playroom in the basement…. and promptly forgot about. Entirely forgot about. Enough so that several days… a week… I’m not sure anymore… we remembered and went to check on them… them had gone all Lord of the Flies and become just one. EEEWwwwwwww

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