fa la la la la… or something like it

It’s that time again babies.  Time for the 2nd annual Kaos Holiday Song Contest.  I don’t know how many of you recall the contest last year but I certainly do.  We had 2 categories with a winner in each.  It seemed to work well so we’re sticking with it.

Last years winners were Deb on the Rocks in the “Naughty” category with a song entitled Santa’s Punish Me Polka (I feel it goes without saying that Santa’s Punish Me Polka contains explicit lyrics and is not for small children or work approrpiate situations) and the winning song in the “Nice” category which is called Rudolph’s Second Song and was written by Jo Beaufoix is all around friendly.  So nice in fact that K helped us record it.  Take a listen to those two songs if you’re so inclined and then listen to this 6 minute podcast explaining a bit about the contest and reviewing the tune this year’s lyrics must be written for.

2008 Kaos Holiday Song Contest

or just listen to the melody its self until your ears are bleeding and you can’t get the tune out of your head! 2008kaoslyriccontest-melody

And now for the rules:

1. Each entry requires a title, a chorus, and a minimum of 2 verses.
2. Entries must be received by midnight Friday December 12, 2008.
3. By entering your lyrics you give consent for us to record perform and present your lyrics with this song in any way we see fit, though you will always be credited.
4. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.

There will also be a prize in each category, though it has not yet been selected.

And now you need to write!

Songs must be submitted in one of two categories: Naughty or Nice. If it isn’t Nice, and by Nice I mean child and family friendly then it’s Naughty… If it’s going to be Naughty… make it NAUGHTY. You may submit one song for each category.

Lyrics do not have to contain Christmas content they can be about any winter holiday you celebrate, but it must be a winter holiday or about the winter season.

When you have your lyrics ready please email them to me at: strangelovelive @ gmail.com with Holiday Song Contest as the subject.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and when all songs have been read, re-read and drunkenly sung at high volume our winners will be chosen.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to comment here or send me an email…

Now go on, get started… these songs aren’t going to write themselves.

6 thoughts on “fa la la la la… or something like it

  1. hollydolly says:

    a week? no can do. but i look forward to hearing the winning entry!

    i can’t really complain about a week, can i, when really i knew you were likely to do it again. where did the year go? oh yeah. all that stuff we did.

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