Deb on the Rocks Writes Me a Love Letter…

This part of the post up here at the top?  Still me… Cami.  I couldn’t just thrust my darling guests into these pages without a wee bit of introduction could I?  What if you fall desperately in love with them and want to be able to follow/ stalk them at the click of a button and don’t know how to use google search?  It just seemed easier for me to say that today’s post is from Deb on the Rocks.  If I had a list of bloggers around the world that I wanted to meet (which I do, and shut up because you know you do too) she would be in the top five.


My long, torrid devotion to Cami Kaos dates back almost exactly give
or take hours or weeks to a year ago when right here on this site
(wait, it looked different back then) I tried to lure her into
spanking me by submitting lyrics for the talented Kaos family
Christmas song contest.  Which was awesome.  By winning in the adult
, I got to hear Cami sing my lyrics in this breathy sexpot
voice.  Oh, that voice. Hot, but all digital.

Same thing happened when Cami invited me onto Strange Love.  I dialed
in, which was a lot of fun, but I didn’t get to sit on the couch or
anything.  Imagine the coziness of that couch in the studio, with Cami
perched to the side, sort of a psychoanalytical session meets porn
fantasy.  You know, the one where the chick is being interviewed by
this hot couple and then the guy stops everything because the sound
quality is off but the camera is still recording, and they both move
in to try to adjust the microphone, accidentally spilling the ice cold
martini down the guest’s breasts, freezing her…

That porn fantasy.

But I didn’t get to experience that coziness or anything else, because
I was long distance.  Only digital.

And now, while I am thrilled to blog-sit, I didn’t have time to buy a
plane ticket and accept the keys to the vehicle in person from Cami.
I’m here, rolling around in her bloggy bed, but she’s gone.  I’m just
a digital visitor.

I don’t know if I’ll ever break the digital divide.  I live in
Florida, which is about as far from Portland as you can be and still
be in North America.  Aside from the Kaos attraction, not seeing
Portland itself is a tragedy, because I have come to find out that
Portland must be the coolest city in the country with all of these
amazing geek, literary and creative events and groovetastic people
just wandering around drinking coffee and teaching each other
Wordpress and Igniting and podcasting and who knows what else that you
don’t bother telling us in the provincial land because we would never
understand. Why don’t I live in Portland?

I thought I was going to at least visit Oregon by attending Blogher
09, because when Portland was on the shortlist I thought it was a done
deal.  What city could compete with Cami’s town?

Chicago clearly rigged the voting.

So, there’s no Portland in my schedule at this point, which means I
have to continue to make do with only digital Cami.  Fortunately,
digital Cami Kaos is a powerhouse of sexy, creative, dynamic
deliciousness.  It’s what drew me in, after all, and her writing and
interviewing are so good.  Even if I have yet to meet her, I’ll always
be devoted.  Virtual love can’t be compared to skin time: one’s not
better than the other, they’re just different.  In the flesh–
whatever.  Cami gives good digital.

5 thoughts on “Deb on the Rocks Writes Me a Love Letter…

  1. deb says:

    I like hanging out here! It’s so pretty and inspiring, and I feel like I could finish in novel during the last week of November if I just stayed here at Cami’s place. It’s like a writer’s retreat plus a trucker pill plus a brand new lip balm. Thank you, Cami Kaos!

  2. deb says:

    I felt the quiet love, I did….
    it’s a quiet week!
    The divine Ms. Martini, though, should be funded by the Portland tourism association, because she also is siren to your fair city. If Portland even has a tourism association. You probably don’t, wanting to keep the riffraff away!

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