thanks, not giving…

We here at the house of Kaos work a lot.  Granted some of us may work more than others… I’ve been known to get a good night’s sleep most nights while Mike tends to stay up all night like a lunatic… but that’s not the point.  We work hard…

But not next week.  I’m taking the week off to spend with my family.  I considered leaving you all out in the cold and that didn’t seem very seasonally appropriate.  Then I thought about finding some oldies but goodies, I’ve been writing this blog for two years now, there must be a gem or two, right?  But then Mike suggested that I turn the reins over for a few days to some trusted bloggy friends.

That man of mine, he is a clever fellow.  Now I get a week off and you get lovely fresh blog content and a peek into the minds of some of my favorite bloggers.  Pop by each day next week for a different blogger helping to give me a week of peaceful non writing.

Which means I’m going to spend the week  basking in the glow of a family vacation on the beautiful Oregon coast or desperately freaking out over the fact that I’m not actually writing anything.

Probably a little bit of each, so when I come back to you on December 1st I’ll likely be a freakin mess… I know you’re looking forward to it.

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