I’m an emotional woman.  A woman who does not hold things in.  Many people I know manage to pull off being reserved with a quiet grace… but at some point those people tend to burst.  Not a little explosion.  Not a bit of a spill.  We’re talking, like, when the Rebels blew up the Death Star kind of exploding.

That can’t be healthy, can it?

With that in mind I am fine with being the emotional one.  I’m not so emotional that if someone looks at me funny when I’m walking down the street I’m going to chase them down and beat the shit out of them… usually.  The fact is, I’m emotional when it comes to people, or things, that matter.

Very emotional.  Let’s scale up from emotional and say that I’m a passionate woman.  That’s closer to the truth of the matter.  I’m passionate about what I do and those I love.  I love fiercely and with abandon.  It takes me a while to warm up to people but once I truly consider someone a friend I have a hard time letting go.

So yes that makes me emotional and passionate.

And slightly hot headed at times because all that passion, it can be used for good or evil.  Normally I am able to control how I let this all out (though I don’t usually choose to contain it) but when I’m feeling stressed or crunched…

Let me just say that if I’ve snapped at you in the past couple of days… I’m sorry.  I’ll make it up to you.  Maybe I will bake you a lovely cake decorated with the tears of my sorrow for biting your head off…
After I get through the next couple of weeks that is.

10 thoughts on “truth

  1. melissa lion says:

    When you’re stuck, I have two bits of advice —

    1) Write the worst sentence you can possibly write and then write another one.

    2) Put up a road block. Any road block at all. Maybe a tongue is scalded at the first sip of tea or a past lover walks by. Anything that makes the character say, what now???

  2. Lori says:

    I can’t bottle things up for the life of me! I just let it all out and am then done w/ it. But, I can’t see you biting anyone’s head off, unless they deserved it.

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahhh sweetie, big hugs. You’ll be fine. Passion is good, even the bad kind, in that it gets stuff out and moves things on. Keep going with the writing if it’s what you want, but if it’s not the right time don’t worry.

    I have abandoned NanoWriMo in favour of my health. I really want to do it but I’m on new meds, not sleeping and am struggling to be creative at all right now. So I’m just going to cheer you lot on this time ok? Mwah. xx

  4. camikaos says:

    I think I will feel a lot better Wednesday morning… at least I hope I will. :) Once I email off my Ignite 4 slides and get through election night I should feel pretty good… If I have to flake out on NaNoWriMo I won’t mind…

  5. Hotmamamia says:

    You are so normal Cami…just think of what the world would be like with people who have little passion about things or their passion is fake. It’s fine to blow up and get it out…better than holding it in an imploding…not a healthy thing….

    I think that MANY of us will HOPEFULLY feel a whole lot better on Wednesday…..keep breathing….

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