tell me a story…

When I was little I liked nothing better than to curl up in my bed, in a chair, on my mother’s lap and hear a story.  It didn’t matter if it was read from a book, a story from my parents’ childhood or a story made up on the spot.  I loved to hear a story.

That’s something I’ve never forgotten.

When K was born we started reading stories to her immediately.  Telling her stories right away.  I think we started the story telling while she was still tucked away inside my body.

There is something about listening to a story.  Hearing the words from some one’s mouth.  I love the written word, I do, but sometimes nothing will do to inspire, incite, arouse or calm you like the a story told aloud.  Add to that power the energy of a room full of people listening intently and you have an intoxicating mix.

There’s nothing better than a good story.


Tonight Mike and I will be heading over to Back Fence PDX‘s October event where we’ll hear 7 stories all based on one theme.  Last time the space was packed and I expect no different tonight so if you want to attend you should probably check on ticket availability nowish…

5 thoughts on “tell me a story…

  1. Aunt Sassy says:

    A girl after my own heart! I think that’s why I’m a teacher. By the way, can you send me your email address? The one I have keep returning my emails.
    Love you!!! Give K a kiss.

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