bloggy inservice day?

My daughter is home from school today for a teacher inservice day.

Do you know what this means?  It means I can turn off my alarm clock.  No alarm clock… as a matter of fact hold on a moment will you, I’m going to reach over and pick that little green wobbling clock up off my bedside table and turn the alarm off….

There…  did it.

I wonder how many of you actually believe I just did that.  Because I did.  I totally did. Not only did I reach over and turn off that alarm clock but I enjoyed it.  I reveled in it.

This is just my way of telling you I’m taking a bloggy inservice day today… be back on Monday with more mind dumbing Caminess…


Join us tonight at 10 PM for another live episode of Strange Love. On the next episode we’ll be joined by Steve Woodward, known to many of you as oregoniansteve.  I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Steve once, so it will be a real treat to sit down and get to know him better on the show and find out what the future holds for him.

3 thoughts on “bloggy inservice day?

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Have fun with Steve sweetie, and have a fab inservice day. We had one on Weds and it was mad but cool. I thought you were going to say you threw the alarm across the room, hee hee.

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