why the bathroom smells like wet cat…

It was Friday, just afternoon.

I’d spent the morning volunteering at school and had to head back at 1pm but I needed a few moments for me. I’d already had a bite to eat and wasted some time on twitter so I was at a bit of a loss. I stretched my arms and back which were sore from a long week of constant activity.

I thought maybe I should just hop in the shower and clean up before heading back over to K’s school when I realized that I hadn’t had long soak in the bath in months. I checked the clock, filled the tub and as it filled I finished a few tiny chores…

Then item by item I stripped off the clothes I’d been wearing and let them gather in a pile on the white tile floor. I slowly lowered one foot and then the other into the tub and then I just sank. I let the water lap at my skin. I skimmed its surface with my finger tips and watched as the drips from my hands made concentric circles.


but then…. meow meow meeeeoooooow.


I opened my eyes just in time to see my cat jumping into the tub, screeching and then running away.

Did I mention my cat likes to be near me?

Yeah… fricken cat.

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