This Saturday I’m going to spend all day… from the very early morning until I’m so tired I want to curl into a little ball, snuggle up and wrap myself in a blanket with my darling husband next to me watching some sort of SciFi program while letting my brain decompress. Which is to say I’m going to WordCamp Portland, and all day conference/ un-conference hybrid for WordPress users and developers.

…Cami looks left…

…Cami looks right…

*chirp chirp*

So yeah… this blog… isn’t a WordPress blog. My other labor of love, Strange Love Live, it’s not hosted on WordPress either.


I’m hoping that with what little I know about WordPress now plus the wealth of knowledge I’ll gain on Saturday I’ll be able to set my pages up right. get things squared. settled.

I don’t know how much actual writing I’m going to get done this week as I plan, prepare and ponder my options and solutions. On a positive note you guys don’t have to do anything at all. When the changes are made and all decisions are final I will just point my domains on over where they need to be.

Which will be there… somewhere… elsewhere on these interwebs.


4 thoughts on “planning…

  1. holly says:

    i’m not sure i love wordpress. sure, it has a whole bunch of sleek looking stuff, but, yo,! it… sometimes works…!

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    I use wordpress and it’s always been pretty good. COme on over babe, the waters fine, ignore that Holly and Miss Burrows, they are soooooo yesterday with their blog host knowledge. (Erm, or ignore me as I know nothing while Holl writes code and Miss Burrows is Queen of Treasurelicious.)

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