snips snails and sausage tails

After a long day (more on that later this week) I find myself in my favorite place in the house.

My bed.

I’m laying in my bed in a tank top and my undies with the covers pulled up as high as I can get them. One cat is curled on my lap giving my computer dirty looks for being where he wants to be while the other sits at my feet content being in my company.

Did I mention it was a really long day? A good day, but a really long one. Did I mention I’m hanging out in my undies and a tank top? I really need some time to just stretch out and relax without the constraints of the outside world.

Or pants.

I was perfectly happy to sit here by myself until sleep overtook me but then DrNormal wandered in and in an attempt to keep him here (without getting naked) I turned on Iron Chef.

“Is it a new episode” he asked.




“Can we watch it?”

“Of course we can”

I continued to surf the internet a bit, catching up on posts I needed to read, looking over a few e-mails I should reply to, adding a friend on upcoming, checking people out on Facebook, you know… evening things.

“OH MY GOD SNAILS” he screamed (like a frickin’ girl)

“ugh… snails” I sighed.

Yeah. It’s been a long day and I am so not a snail eater.

4 thoughts on “snips snails and sausage tails

  1. holly says:

    um. i don’t know where to begin with what i don’t get. iron chef.liquid nitrogen on snails.dude i SO have been gone from the states for too long…

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