back at it…

at 6:15 in the morning my little wobbling bobbling alarm clock did it’s thing and woke me up.

For it’s trouble, I smacked it. It gave me a measly 4 minutes of slumber.

Irritated beyond belief I smacked my clock again and rolled over settled my feet on the floor and stumbled over to the window. If I had to be awake everyone has to be awake. Dr Normal? Get your ass out of bad. K? Up and at it!

breakfast and clothes and tooth brushing? Check.

lunch packed and backpack ready to go? Check.

photos snapped? Check. Check. Check.

that was the easy part of the day…. the hard part was everything that happened between 8 am and now… 11:00

I’m fading fast with a huge stack of paperwork to fill out, email to read, plans to make, and the world to conquer…

I think all that will have to wait until tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “back at it…

  1. Lisa Milton says:

    First day of school & I was ready to conquer the world too.The day went by so quickly.The world remains the same.I guess there's today.

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