post it….

In the grand tradition of my family I am offering up drunken post cards to the masses.

What? Drunken Postcards? Surely not!

No really, post cards are to be had, and since my cousin is the one responsible for them getting mailed they’re certain to get out in a timely manner.

The situation is this, my cousin Mie is coming for a visit in a little over a week. While here she’ll be a guest on Strange Love, attend a Tiki Party and be audience to a performance by the lovely and talented Doc Normal & John Borroz Trio.

How can we not do something special to commemorate these events?

Do you want a drunken post card from Mie and I? Leave me a comment to let me know, and if I don’t have your address from prior merriment email it to me to make sure the post card arrives safe and sound.

All addresses must be received by Wednesday July 30, 2008.

Oh.. and WOOO HOOO!

8 thoughts on “post it….

  1. belle says:

    oh oh pick me! Pick me!! I want one, I do, I do!! Behold the power of caffeine. Three double espressos and man am I buzzing.Shall be emailing you my address forthwith.Excited, excited :)

  2. Stu says:

    Actually I’d like to where The Dr. is playing so we can come see him.If it is a private show, I’ll take a post card.-Stu

  3. holly says:

    i want to *be* there. but i will settle for a postcard. only the most drunken sentiments, please. quantify your love for me via the medium of tiki drunkeness.

  4. Jo Beaufoix says:

    So you know I want one right babe? I told lovely Mie. I am so jealous. I want lipstick kisses please. :D(And from Dr normal too.)

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