on father’s day…

Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there… but especially these two. They’re my favorite fathers in all the world and I can’t imagine life without them…

(K and her dad)

(me and my dad)

12 thoughts on “on father’s day…

  1. belle says:

    Fantastic photos :) And thanks for the reminder. Guess what I forgot … I have some serious redeeming to be done.

  2. DaddyKaos says:

    Thanks, loved the card and the message. Got my CWS ticket, even though I had to wait through a thunderstorm in a portapotty.

  3. missburrows says:

    happy father’s day Dr. Normal!happy father’s day Cami’s Daddy!btw, when the newspaper holders say, “Free” I don’t think they are talking about the actual holder. (I’m telling on you! Stealer!)

  4. Bubblewench says:

    aaaawwww…… Happy Fathers day dads! missburrows you can’t tell! They’re important! Top Secret! Shush!

  5. loveyh says:

    Beautiful pics! Did anyone ever tell Daddy Kaos that he looks like Frank Bialek from Trading Spaces? He totally does. :)

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