didn’t see it coming…

I was sitting right here at my computer… typing away.

I was writing the post for today (a different post than this one) and in the background I had the TV on waiting to hear the last two primary returns for the Democratic Presidential candidate when a voice interrupted the droning on of Senator McCain to say that Barack Obama was the presumptive candidate.

I picked up my phone and called Mr. Kaos to tell him… he was at his office finishing up some work… I wanted him to know… I wanted to be the one to tell him.

It wasn’t a surprise. I had just said to him Obama only needed 9 delegates to clinch the nomination.

We both knew it was coming.

But I cried.

Why did I cry? I was proud. I was breathing a sigh of relief.

I knew he would make it, we saw that coming… I didn’t realize I would have such an emotional reaction to it though.

I cried because I was thinking, hoping… Yes we can.

8 thoughts on “didn’t see it coming…

  1. missburrows says:

    You CRIED???And your willing to admit to it on the interwebs? What about your badass street cred?(I think it’s cute.)

  2. fairytalesandmargaritas says:

    I was very happy too. If he hadn’t I think I woudlve had to vote for McCain. Now, all is right in my world.

  3. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    It’s pretty weird to realize you’re actually part of history, when it’s happening, huh?I suppose this is a different kind of crying than what you do when thinking about me wearing Crocs.

  4. angel says:

    wow… i wish south africans would take things this seriously.then maybe we wouldn’t have such a bunch of crooks in office!!!

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