for dad…

Today is not just any other day in the long line of days that make up a week, a month, a year…

It’s not just another day that the sun rises and sets.

Today is my dad’s birthday and although he’s had quite a few of those, I still feel the need to use this day as a cause for celebration.

Alas and alack my dad is not here to celebrate with so instead I’ll have to make do with good ol phones and internet technology to wish him well.

You see once again I mailed his card late… that’s just me. It’s who I am. If I mailed it on time he might think I’d been taken by aliens and replaced by some little pod version of his child. I did mail it though.

What I can do is put up this post, call him, toast him over dinner with Mr. Kaos and K.

We can send him good wishes. Good thoughts.

And I can put up photos of him he might prefer the internet as a whole didn’t see!

NO? You don’t think he’d like that for his birthday???

Fair enough. I’ll save the hand up the turkey picture and the permed hair photo for another time and today we’ll celebrate my father as I see him… at least part of the time:

Happy birthday daddy.

We love you.

11 thoughts on “for dad…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    Happy Bday Daddy K! That pic brings tears to my eyes! How adorable. I knew he was a softie at heart.

  2. DaddyKaos says:

    Thank you sweetheart for the sentiment and for your decision to with-hold the pictures. And to everyone that see’s this, celebrate life today, and if you see Monte, tell him I said hello.Thanks Belle, Mie and BW (you got me I even shed a few tears when I say the pic.)

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