monday was…

My Monday was so very many things…

You see because of my valiant Treasurelicious pimping efforts I was taken out to lunch by one of the founders of tlish who will remain nameless because she is a better person than I am and doesn’t want to give all of you the impression that I like her better than I like you.

But since she’s the better person, not I, I can tell you that I probably do like her better than you. She’s like totally my new BFF, like Oh.Mah.Gaw.

As I was saying, because I got people to sign up for tlish she took me out to lunch. We had food. It was good. And soda. It was bubbly. That was nice. But before that?

We started off by going to the nail salon by my house and getting fabulous pedicures. Now before any of you Pedi haters start whining about girls and their pedicures let me tell you that a pedicure is not all about getting our toenails painted a lovely color… there’s a lot more that goes into it. Good foot health is important. As is a long relaxing leg massage and a soak in hot water.

And chit chat.

Plus Mr. Kaos thinks red toenails are sexy…

But like I said, that was before my Tlish promotional lunch. Other things that occurred before the lunch? Getting Chai. Dropping off a package at the shipping store. Browsing at a super cute little boutique.

Then lunch. While we ate? Diabolical planning… it was good.

After we ate? Well there were no cookies at the restaurant so we went to get cookies. It was getting close to the time I pick K up from school though… and if anyone loves the unnamed person more than I do it’s K so we decided to take our cookies to go and surprise the girl with the cookies… It really was a surprise too! There was joy! There was happiness! There was also I really tired girl. The three of us sat in the sun on the playground eating cookies, K played a little, sat a little, played a little more and then asked to go in and drink some water… “You have a juice box” I reminded her.

No, not juice, she wanted water. She wasn’t feeling well.

We took her inside to get some water from the fountain and in my normal paranoid way I perched over her shoulder watching her, reminding her not to let her mouth touch the metal.

She rolled her eyes but did her best to keep her lips from making contact with the metal that so many kids had licked for so many years… And then we turned and walk down the hall heading towards the front door, heading towards the sunshine.

All the while I was thinking about the germs that must breed on that damn fountain. I wondered how many colds and bugs had been passed from kid to kid as they pressed their germ ridden faces against that water fountain… And just as my mind produced an image of my child sick in bed from some sinister cartoon germ, she vomited on the floor right in front of the school office.

No, that last part wasn’t in my head. She actually stopped, tilted her head down and threw up. While I stood there hoping someone would get the janitor and patted her back the unnamed friend gathered K’s hair into a ponytail and held it out of her face.

We were kind of stunned.

And then K threw up again.

and again.

and then maybe twice more.

I wiped her chin and asked the unnamed missburrows to take K out to the garden as I stood guard over a pile of sick until I saw a wet floor sign leaning against the wall. I put it right in front of the puddle and ran in to the office to make sure the janitor was on her way before heading out into the sun.

Oh the glorious warming sun.

We strolled home, K wrapping an arm up around my waist for a while, then being carried like a toddler while the unnamed missburrows insisted on carrying all of our stuff (she shares that trait with her unnamed husband).

It’s good to have friends, right?

17 thoughts on “monday was…

  1. stephanie says:

    We Washingtonians are good folk, no?I’m so sorry to hear about little K’s barfathon. But yay for glorious sun!

  2. Lilacspecs says:

    Yikes. Well, upchuck aside it sounds like you and the T-lish wench (hehe, soooo joking, anyone who would send stickers to Belgium just for me is the farthest thing from a wench EVER)had a lovely day. I hope K is feeling better and that you weren’t wearing open toed shoes while standing by the puddle of spew…dunno if “Vermilion Vomit” is quite the shade Mr. Kaos is looking for.

  3. mielikki says:

    ah the joys of the water fountain. We always were told we could get Mono if we touched it with our lips…but I digresspoor K. I hope she is feeling better. And I am glad you and the treasurelicious miss had a good day

  4. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh poor babe. And that unnamed person was so cool to help and not run away at the sight of vomit. At least she didn’t puke on your pretty toes. Hope she gets better soon.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    Joleine: I’ve heard that you were invited on another outing we’re planningJo: She’s FINE now. She is sitting at the table next to me singing “LIMBO LIMBO LIMBO HOW LOW CAN YOU LIMBO”Julie: She’s feeling greatmie: I hat the fountain. hate. it.Kimberly: it was so good to have her thereDenise: I felt bad for her last night but today she is feeling fine.stu: she’s a naturalbw: she’s doing greatStephanie: You all are starting to grow on me.flutter: i love red toenails.

  6. holly says:

    i have never had a pedicure. i really want one. it’s important, as you say, to have good foot health. i must sort myself out. so what was that chick’s name again? she sounds really cool, but since you never gave us her name, we’ll never know who missburrows is. oh wait – oh i see it. yeah, she’s cool. :)

  7. CamiKaos says:

    holly: you know if you would just come to visit us, I’m sure one of us would totally be willing to pay for a pedicure… Joleine: we’ll have to start working out a date for that.

  8. sybil law says:

    Aw, poor little K! I puked in kindergarten, too – right in the hallway.So glad she had people around to help!

  9. missburrows says:

    I was impressed with K, even in her pukedome.1. She did not get any on herself.2. She puked an unbelievable amount of stuff for her little body.Truly an impressive sight to see.(So glad to hear she is better!)

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