I’d like to be really serious for a moment… and I probably should be given what I’m about to show you but I’m having a bit of a hard time not giggling at K’s similarity to me…

K made a dark piece of art… actually she made a series of three dark pieces.

dark. brooding. gothic.

for a 6 year old…

no, not for a 6 year old… for anyone really…

and I know I should be really serious here and wonder and worry what brought these dark thoughts into her mind… what brought them from her mind to the surface of these pages…

“The Black Garden”

Pretty self explanatory right? The black garden… a garden full of black flowers and grass with a raven soaring overhead… interesting but I didn’t ask her what it meant… sometimes a picture is just a picture…

“The Blood Garden”

So aside from the name… this one isn’t so creepy right? red tree? we have a red tree so that’s totally fine. red flower? I love red flowers. All good. Oh and a cardinal flying overhead… nice touch…

“The Haunted Man”

Um… yeah. That’s what it says… the haunted man… my daughter is 6… No, I don’t let her watch horror movies… but she is a really big fan of Scooby Doo… I studied the picture carefully not sure whether I should laugh, cry or worry… I decided on none of the above…

CamiKaos: Wow, this is a really good picture.

KKaos: Thanks, did I spell it right?

CK: Yes, it’s perfect. Really good job… do you want to tell me what’s going on in it?

KK: It’s just the haunted man mama.

CK: Just the haunted man? wanna tell me about him?

She proceeded to spin me the tale of a man who was haunted in life only to be cursed in death by becoming a vampire.

Haunted in life. Cursed in death.

Her words. Quite eloquent really.

I think I’m raising a horror novelist.

24 thoughts on “haunted…

  1. mielikki says:

    I LOVE the black garden picture. Really LOVE it.and I can’t wait to see what she does as she gets older. I may have to start calling her Poe…

  2. Bubblewench says:

    She is the most amazing kid. I love her. Can’t wait to read her short stories and that novel that is stuck inside!

  3. CamiKaos says:

    bw: she’s got a few short stories already.mr. fab: yeah… I think we may be getting her some Jr. therapy sessions just so you can’t say “I told you so”mie: isn’t it neat? I’ve never read her Poe, I didn’t think she was ready yet… but there is no doubt she would love his work.lilac: I think so.flutter: :)Daddy: that’s why we’re going to be SUPER aware of this.

  4. missburrows says:

    I’m glad she felt so comfortable that she could draw anything she wanted to. Awesome that you could talk to her about it too.

  5. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Wow, those are fabulous. I wouldn’t worry, I mean, she showed them to you. If she was hiding them I’d be worried. They’re just cool pictures from a cool little girl who thinks a lot.

  6. holly says:

    suck it all out of her now while she’s doing it! i was really pleased that qoh was pumping out volumes of art. now she’s 8, i can’t even get her to draw the blinds. OOOOOH i didn’t see that horrible joke coming! sometimes i surprise even myself. i love it love it love it.

  7. stu says:

    The Haunted Man looks like he is in a pyre.I liked to draw stuff blowing up all the time and I am normal, well…Great stuff.-Stu

  8. sybil law says:

    What’s to worry about?!When she starts drawing severed heads or body parts, THEN you worry.This stuff is just GOOD.

  9. CamiKaos says:

    sybil: I heart youlori: yes she does.denise: I’m not worried… I know my girl.stu: Uh huh… that’s nice Stu. Are you feeling calm? I wouldn’t want to agitate you…holly: We have bins drawers and boxes FULL of them… I’m going to sell them one day when she’s famous to pay for my retirement home.jo: you make a very good point. she was PROUD of them.missb: I think you’ve seen that with the exception of wiggly teeth there isn’t anything I won’t talk to her about… were you over for the last cannibal discussion?david: thank you… I think I will… put my feet up that is. I’m a bit tired.groovy: she really does. and thanks.ALL: K has struggled with whether or not she wants to be mentioned on my blog over the last 6 months… and I respect her wishes when she asks me not to discuss something, so I thought it important to mention that I had her consent to post these images. She was thrilled that I wanted to share them with you.xoxo Cami

  10. stephanie says:

    As a teacher, I am frankly relieved when anyone reveals & discusses what he/she is thinking in a picture or poem. That, I think, is a sign of sanity – being able to share willingly. It’s the hiders that scare me…I should pull out my son’s notebook full of bizarre pictures of chained people that he drew. When he was 5. We might be starting therapy soon just in case.

  11. Hilary says:

    My guess is that she was enjoying the feel of the one crayon that she selected and opted not to use additional colours. Her ultra-creative mind accommodated her art by coming up with an appropriate title. She’s a bright, creative child. Lucky you. :)I found your blog via David.

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