total parental failure…

For the past several days my little ray of sunshine and rainbows (and fantastic dance numbers) has been having a hard time.

At first I thought it was just because she was being bratty… I decided that may be a terribly harsh assessment of an otherwise lovely child.

Then I thought maybe it was because her social calendar has been so very full with school, homework, play dates, entertaining my friends, forcing them to do things like… oh become a mancess (man+princess equals mancess) or watching 3-D movies, coloring all over her mother’s arms, putting bunny ears on people* staying up late, and shopping for gifts for her friends.

no mancesses were harmed in the making of this image

sadly I think missburrows was harmed

they’re waiting for 3-D glasses to be in style

*okay okay… the bunny ears were MY idea… I think they make me look cute!

There was a lot of fun.. but was it too much fun? Ordinarily none of those things would cause the kind of meltdowns I was getting from her… something was not right… not right at all.

But what was it?

bom bom bom

Fricken teeth.


K just turned 6 and I do recall reading somewhere when she was little that kids get molars around the age of 6.

Guess what?

My 6 year old is teething. She’s only been six for a couple of weeks and she’s teething like a toddler. She’s kind of drooly and generally really cranky and short tempered and melodramatic…

Well perhaps the melodrama is just a natural part of her personality… but I had to throw it in.

Why didn’t I know this was coming?

What part of my brain was blocking this? And how much courage (stupidity) did it take to stick my finger in her mouth to check on the unseen thing that was bothering her? I mean she’s a feisty little thing… I’m lucky she didn’t bite my finger right off.

Was I supposed to keep reading parenting books after she was able to fluently communicate with me? Because um…. I think I forgot to.

17 thoughts on “total parental failure…

  1. Boobah's Mom says:

    ooooooh, I don’t knwo who to feel sorry for more, K getting teeth again only now, or you finding out K is getting teeth again only now….Luckily, with Boobah I know we still have a couple more of these sessions ahead!

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Well, Miss M is 7and a half, and she got new teeth, and has been bratty, and I didn’t even make the connection, so you are much better than me.And is that Miss Burrow’s man? He looks cute.And the Bunny Ears? Yes, also cute. Mwah.

  3. Bubblewench says:

    Poor Kid! Hope she gets through it quick. Whiskey.. drops of whiskey on the teeth! Nice photos.. love the mancess.

  4. Lilacspecs says:

    Hrm, I do vaguely remember something about 6 year molars…chances are I’ll forget again by the time I have kids, but thanks for the heads up. Have you tried ora-gel for K? It might help and I think people frown on it a bit less than the whiskey idea, although you could give her peppermint schnapps instead…that’s sort of kiddy flavored.

  5. denise says:

    funny, they become so active that the parenting books fail to relay when we should make time to read the parenting books.

  6. missburrows says:

    Yes, folks…that mancess is mine. A proud wife I am. Only problem is, he looks better in the tiara than I did. *sigh*We are very happy to hear that sweet K is on the mend.

  7. Lori says:

    The reason that you forgot is that those teething days, whether they’re babies or children are hell, pure hell. So, we parents push those things to the back of our brains!Good luck though.

  8. The Holmes says:

    I don’t know that I have it in me to read any more parenting books, and my kids aren’t even out of diapers yet. Hope your kiddo’s feeling better soon.

  9. CamiKaos says:

    the holmes: I was talking to a friend this morning and realized I probably stopped reading parenting books before she turned 2… lori: It really is. She woke up at midnight crying. she hasn’t done that since… the last time she got teeth. HELL.mie: I do too. She was in a better mood when she got up this morning but at bedtime last night she was crying to go to sleep. at 7:30!!Missb: to be fair that tiara was totally his color… you looked great in the painful one.daddy: that’s just what I was thinking after I googled 6 year molars and reached for the phone.denise: I think we could market a book about when to read parenting books. We could make it a series. When to read parenting books. When to read self help books. When to read the dictionary…Mr. Fab: Those two… I can’t claim them as family… but they’re just crazy enough to fit in around her…lilac: maybe I’ll giver her the oragel and keep the schanpps for me.. mmmm….bw: you can’t babysit me kid.Jo: poor kid… she doesn’t have my pain thresh hold and this is just really getting to herb’s mom: Me, feel sorry for me… she’s getting enough pity I swear. :)

  10. sybil law says:

    Miss B’s man is very cute!! :)I am glad you got to find a reason, but I am not sure all the days here it’s related to teeth. Sometimes, I think it’s just growing up in general. But we do have some loose teeth here! Whoohooo!!!!

  11. Kimberly says:

    Dang…I thought they were done with teething after age two. What the heck? Poor kiddo.And yes, you look -adorable- in bunny ears.

  12. KiKi says:

    Oy, I didn’t even know this – so I must file away to pull out two years from now.Oh, and can I borrow the ears? I wanna wear them to work tomorrow.

  13. holly says:

    wait wait wait – there’s parenting books? we’re supposed to be reading them? oh SHIT! i am totally totally screwed. i hope i didn’t screw these kids up for good. i hope i been doing stuff right! what if i have been putting the wrong clothes on them. oh god oh god oh god. okay okay. let’s keep this between us, right (finger to side of nose…looking around at everyone). this doesn’t get mentioned outside the blog. i can see missburrows got lei’d! good for her! and that is a LOVELY mancess you have there. :)and cami – i see a future for you – a future in *mansions*. . . you know. of the playboy type? no? okay. . .

  14. stephanie says:

    Yeah, I remember feeling a little “ohhhh, yeah…” when the dentist proclaimed my son’s were coming in.We can’t be all things to our children. In fact, I really only want to be one or two things and medical expert is not one.Best of luck.

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