strange love episode 008: counting with missburrows

photo captioning style stolen from my loving blogwife Holly

I’m not going to lie to you guys, this one may have gotten away from me just a little. I may or may not have had plans for the show but I can sure as hell tell you that Missburrows had plans.

Evil diabolical hilarious sexy plans.

What does that mean for you? That really depends on who you are…

If you’re the parent of myself or the lovely Missburrows I would encourage you not to listen to the show. If you are the parent of anyone else and they are in the room… or the house… or a 3 block radius… I would encourage you to wear headphones.

If you’re an employee and within a 3 block radius of your work I encourage you to wear headphones… or um… maybe just wait til later.

It also means that you should start counting the number of times we use the word vagina from the very beginning of the show.

Why? Well you won’t know that til towards the end of the show but I assure you it’s important.

Are you getting a sense that Strange Love is not for the faint of heart?

I recommend you grab yourself a piece of paper and a pencil and prepare to do some counting….

as always you can listen to the show here, download it or subscribe so that you can always be the first to know when I’ve released a new show full of female terminology…

Next week’s guest is a big big secret… mostly because I’ve asked 3 folks to do the show and haven’t had a definite answer from any of them. I guarantee it will be a good one though… somehow.

19 thoughts on “strange love episode 008: counting with missburrows

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oooo I really want to listen now, but I have small children who will be most upset if Mummy sits giggling to herself in the kitchen and completely ignores them. I mean, they might set fire to themselves by mistake or something, and I wouldn’t hear their cries. Mr B is rehearsing for his gig in London next week, and we have to walk up the hill in the snow in about 20 minutes as we’re having dinner at my mum’s.So, I’ll be back later.Mwah.

  2. holly says:

    okay i don’t mind being second to jo. i never ever mind that. i LOVES me some jo. i don’t even mind that i’m second when i was the *first* to listen to the whole podcast. proof : yes, i will be on the round table. how could i deny you. my guess for the contest is 1,439.2. and that *may* be off by .3. do i need cliff notes for mr kaos now? ;) i will *work* on my length. but never my capitalization MU HU HA HA HA HA HA HA.okay. great pcast. i took your warnings but queen of hearts was at the computer in the next room and i didn’t figure the thrower would notice a few ‘vaginas’ here and there. i was right. he *did* repeat the variation of ‘ridiculous’ though, so it’s hard to say just what of this got into that wee man’s brain. and now my laundry is all done. thanks. :)

  3. holly says:

    oh AND i totally totally totally love your photo captioning. you took it to a whole new level of fantasticness.

  4. Martin Declan Kelly says:

    “I find it acceptable to have sex with a Martin”I’m glad. I’ll tell every girl I meet you said that.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    martin: I’m sure that will do wonders for your sex life…sybil: it will still be there… flutter: I love that! Thank you!denise: yes, believe me that’s for the best denise.Mr. Fabulous: Wow… that’s like the goodpodcasting seal of approval…tim: oh come on girl we both know you know your cool…holly: oh I wasn’t advocating the capitalization of your writing… I was just sayin… and yeah I am sure Mr. Kaos would appreciate cliff notes but I often outline the posts for him so he’ll live.Jo: Have a good dinner. I hope his rehearsal goes well! xoxo

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh I am loving this. And I have this image in my head of Holl snorting up a pair of underpants from her wash pile by mistake.

  7. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Okay. Jo is my real name. Beaufoix is nearly my real name, and in my head it sounds like , Boe-fwa, or faux-pas or something.I have never had German spam, but have had Chinese which looks so pretty but was probably all about penis’s.The vagina music was hilarious, especially ‘vagina of the jungle’, snort.And I didn’t count the vaginas because, well, I was ebaying while I was listening.Oh, and I had to google teabagger. Hmmm, nice. I never thought of testicles as being like teabags before. Weird. And I heart the Urban Dictionary.Mwah.Oh, and Miss Burrows rocks. Sooooo funny.

  8. holly says:

    jo! i shall never again eat plum while reading your comments. now i have plums all over my keyboard. i suppose that’s ironic given the thing i’m laughing at (‘testicles as being like teabags’)

  9. Stu says:

    Mr. K definately needs new vibrator shopping and vagina music…Do you always count in German to control Mr. K?I think the note cards is a great idea Ms B.

  10. missburrows says:

    Your guest, that missburrows chick. Well, I hate to be negative, but I really think she could have been funnier. Oh well, I guess some of us just don’t have the potential that others do.

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