the new header…

Mr. Kaos: You changed your header again.

CamiKaos: Yep. What do you think?

I tried to read his expression. There was something off about it. Something intangible. Something he wanted to say but was afraid to spit out…

MK: What does it mean?

CK: What do you mean what does it mean? It’s my new header.

MK: Whenever you change your header there’s something going on. What’s the story?

CK: Story? Cami has pretty flowers… pretty flowers don’t match Cami’s shirt. Cami takes shirt off and a header is born. What do you think of it though? Really I want your opinion.

MK: It’s feminist.

CK: Huh?

MK: It’s feminist.

CK: Because of the nudity or the flower?

MK: It just is. It’s not what I would have done but I like it.

CK: What would you have done?

MK: Pinup photos baby.

22 thoughts on “the new header…

  1. Mel says:

    LMAO! Mr. Kaos cracks me up.And you know, I hadn’t really read into it that much, but he’s right – it kind of is feminist. I like it. :)

  2. Lilacspecs says:

    I like it. I think it’s interesting. Not quite sure I see how it’s “feminist” but it’s definitely interesting.

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hee hee. Mr Kaos is hilarious. But I think it’s gorgeous. And I love how you got the flower in colour while you are all monochrome and mysterious.Tres chic

  4. Gunfighter says:

    Um… I don’t know how “feminist” it is… but I like it… then again, I’m always rather happy when a woman takes her shirt off. I know that was shallow… but I’m a man.

  5. denise says:

    I don’t get it. I don’t see it, I like the picture though it makes for a great header but alas I also have to agree with Mr. Kaos about the pinups.

  6. DaddyKaos says:

    Someday he will learn by not starting the conversation that gives you the option to comeback with a question. Then he won’t have to dig himself out of the hole he just dug in the sand.

  7. CamiKaos says:

    daddykaos: of course they areDenise: I don’t get it either. That’s the funny thing. Sometimes a header really is just a header…gf: not really yes, photoshop is my dear friend.lindy: thank youflutter: and so would youlilac: you aren’t the only one. I don’t get the “feminist” aspect of it either.mel: what makes it feminist? is it that I’m nekkid and not all airbrushed or that I’m not making come hither eyes?

  8. stephanie says:

    It is bold & lovely. (BTW, Stu’s real first words to me were “Did you see Cami’s new header? She’s naked”)

  9. holly says:

    yes. good for mr kaos. everything we do in life must mean something. if we do something without meaning, what is the point really? we might as well not have done the thing in the first place. even this comment. although it will appear to mean nothing, oh it means something. some day, learned scholars will look back and….alright. i really will go to bed now.

  10. Martin Declan Kelly says:

    i love it, but i am unsure how i feel about ityou’re cami. i mean, you’ve been about the sexiest woman i know for a good dozen years, but it’s usually possible to avoid thinking about that and having you just be “cami, best friend ever[tm]” (aside from one time you sat on my lap at a party, and also this one other time where you wore your glasses at a Ruben Gonzalez gig).i guess i’ll just have to get used to the idea that cami is a totally hot momma. i can’t avoid acknowledging it any more. if nothing else, it’s totally taken my mind off David Tennant’s Balls.

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