strange love episode 007: my martin

In this seventh installment of Strange Love we find ourselves sitting in a dark room with Martin (a drunk Englishman wearing a pirate shirt).

Well drunk… may be a little bit of an overstatement…

and Englishman may be a bit of an exaggeration since he’s also spent his fair share of time in the states…

and pirate shirt may be… well no. Pirate shirt was right on but that has very little to do with the show…

But what does happen on the show?

We have accents, david tennant’s balls, a pocket watch, fish and chips, margaritas, pub quiz talk, holly, missburrows, boomerangs, pies, lawn darts, techno babble and a whole lot more… I guess really you’ll just have to give a listen to find out exactly what it was we had to say…

as always you can listen to the show here, download it or subscribe so that you can always be the first to know when I’ve released a new show full of nonsensical ramblings…

Next week we’ll finally play host to a gal we’ve talked about on almost every episode; Missburrows. Get ready to hear about treasures, vaginas, strange junk mail and probably some other stuff too.

11 thoughts on “strange love episode 007: my martin

  1. missburrows says:

    Listened to the whole thing. If anyone cares, fast forward to 58 and then 104 to hear them talk about me!Next week, me, me, me!

  2. mielikki says:

    damn it! You keep putting on these explicit content ones and I have to wait to listen to them until the 13 year old isn’t around! You are taunting me!Go look at my blog and see what I did yesterday….

  3. holly says:

    okay now. what a girl does in the privacy of her own home is her own business. wait. that’s a man joke. what would a woman do with a sheep??? and there is so stuff in wales! there’s castles!!! okay. it’s true. i’m in the middle of bloody nowhere. i believe that the (by the way, temporary-exhibition-type) museum is in cardiff because a lot of the *shooting* of dr. who and torchwood occurs in and around cardiff. how come *my* credibility is called into question on the boomerang thing?!?! i was a pub-quiz-victim!!!!!!victim!!!shit. i have been mispronouncing curacao. i love it so much. if you can’t put ice cream on it, it’s not a pie. that’s all i’m saying. the words fish and pie do not belong together unless you say the phrase “after i had some fish, i had some pie with ice cream.” although really, would you have pie after fish? no.i heart martin now. his coolness was full of win. epic win?

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Holls: That sounds like a good reason for it to be there… especially since David Tennant is Scottish… In other news… Martin is made of epic win and cherry coke… though he does not consume cherry coke… it’s just the highest compliment I could come up with. You are also full of epic win. Epic win and brie.mie: I could take the explicit tag off but then you might listen to it around the 13 year old. trust me… My way is better. Get headphones.Denise: I’ve never been there! Did it make you think of it like you WANT to go back or like “Oh that place sucks I wonder if that’s what they’re talking about?” Cause we weren’t. Mike insisted on using his beeper excessively… missb: you know we are obsessed with you. it was a 3 hour show… he edited the rest of the mentions of you out and we were left with just over an hour. There was this whole other part where we wanted to build you a tree house to live in out in the back yard… hahaha. No. That was my april fools joke for the year. Not very good really. We’ll talk MORE about you on the next episode…

  5. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hmmm, sheep shaggers is another. though we do have goats, because they used to have them at the school I worked in. Boy goats really smell though. They should be banned.

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Mr B lurves Timeteam. And it always makes me smile because it is full of lovable English stereotypes.The Young Ones is fab, though Mike was kind of dull. When we were kids we hated Mike sooooo much. We loved Vivian. He was wicked.Mr B’s mother is called Martin. Hee hee, I has invisible banana.

  7. mielikki says:

    the next time you talk to Martin? Tell him one of my british american friends favorite curse words is this”Quivering Bloody Cunt Muscle”disgusting, I know. But it stops traffic

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