never listen to your mother…

Or maybe I should say never listen to my mother…

Don’t get me wrong, I like my mother. And I listen to my mother.


And usually… she doesn’t steer me so wrong.

Just the other day though, she gave me a bit of advice. It was a bit late for me to follow it… so I didn’t.

Boy am I glad I ignored her warnings. Boy am I glad I didn’t do what she said.

She told me that I should never ever ever ever watch Stardust.

Oh my holy hell was she wrong as wrong.

I want to wrap it up in a big bundle of hearts and tell it how much I love it.

I want to cuddle up with it.

I want to feed it popcorn and cherry coke.

Then I want to hang up a great big do not disturb sign and watch it with The Princess Bride.


22 thoughts on “never listen to your mother…

  1. Lilacspecs says:

    I read the book andloved it…I avoided watching the movie cause they are typically never as good as the book…maybe I’ll give this one a shot though.

  2. Bubblewench says:

    but seriously, did you like the movie? and there is someone in the world who has NOT seen Princess Bride? angel – you have been deprived!

  3. Mr. Fabulous says:

    I have never heard of that movie. Are you saying that it is as good as The Princess Bride? That is a bold statement, my friend…

  4. The Immoral Matriarch says:

    It’s got De Niro and Pfiffer in it, so you can’t go wrong. I so butched Michelle’s last name.

  5. Lisa Milton says:

    I saw it with Ms. Bad Mom and thought Greg would love it too.He thought it was just ok.What?!I guess good people can be wrong…

  6. missburrows says:

    You love it so much you want to take it to bed with you…oh, right….the broken bed.Maybe Dr. Normal could hold the bed together while you cuddle with Stardust!

  7. Marcus says:

    We saw stardust for the first time the other night. Good stuff, even after the wife had read the book. While I wouldn’t say it is as good as Princess Bride, it is in the same category and worth sitting them on the shelf next to each other.

  8. CamiKaos says:

    sybil: the movie Stardust. Watch it.Marcus: exactly.missb: while I cuddle it or “cuddle” it.Lisa: I have told Mr. Kaos we’re watchgn this weekend… he isn’t UNthrilled but he isn’t exactly jumping for joy. I hope he likes it so I can keep him ;)TIM: haha… I so love calling you tim… I loved DeNiro in this role. He was outstandingdenise: it was so smartly funny!otj: It is so good to know I’m not the only one.Mr Fab: It isn’t better than Princess Bride, but as Marcus said it can sit on the shelf with it. I LOVED it. I think you would too.BW: have you seen it?Mie: I want to buy get Stardust.. but of course I have Princess Bride…Angel: It’s a brilliant movie. I love love love love love it. a lot. You need to see Princess Bride. and then, you need to see Stardust. Though one has nothing to do with the other… so I guess the order is unimportant.

  9. Travis Erwin says:

    Stardust was good and I don’t normally like fantasies. ;least not the kind involving wishes and fallen stars.No scratch the fallen stars part, because I still have a few that involve Ms. Spears and she has definitely fallen.

  10. Kimberly says:

    My mum told me to watch it. I was going to anyway though as I read the book when I was a University and was enchanted. Enthralled even. If you’ve ever a chance, grab the book Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. A different kind of fabulous but oh my…the laughing…the snorting…so lovely.

  11. holly says:

    i really really really want to see this. i can’t remember why. but i know i do. and now that you’ve endorsed it? i’m so watching it. soon. on a screen near me.

  12. CamiKaos says:

    lilac: I think I skipped you. I didn’t mean to skip you. I want to read the book. I heart his writing.flutter: I’ll put on PJ’s if you want to watch it with meholls: YOU NEED TO. You will LOVE IT. See how I used the BIG LETTERS. that’s how good it issteph: to each their own… I don’t NEED to watch it naked… but I’m okay with it.Kim: My mom seems surprised that I like it. Even after I told her she was CRAZY. Then I told my brother to watch it. Travis: I’m glad to hear a guy weigh in on a positive note. I’m hoping Mr. Kaos will like it.

  13. loveyh says:

    Cami, the book is amazing, and Kimberly is right–Good Omens is one of my all-time faves! It ranks with HP in my booklove.Glad the movie is good–I’m definitely renting it this weekend.

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