MrKaos: Do you know what I was thinking about?

CamiKaos: no what?

MK: I used to have this old girl and she started looking kind of dowdy but she was really nice and reliable and did all the things I wanted her to do… if you know what I mean.

CK: *fit of giggles*

MK: And then I saw this hot new chick, slim and sleek and shiny… And you can’t get her out of your mind cause she just keeps popping up everywhere…

CK: Is this the whole why are fat girls like a scooter joke…. oh. no, you’re thinking about my iPhone…

MK: And I would get her if I could be sure she would do all the things my old girl would, like let me stick things in her slots…

16 thoughts on “riptide

  1. stephanie says:

    I’m slightly scandalized. Yet strangely intrigued. We should all meet at Teardrop Lounge sometime…(This is not at all meant to be weird).Happy Friday!! Finally.

  2. holly says:

    i lol’d at the ‘stick things in her slots’. i kinda hope i get that treatment tonight. sadly, i think it is a gadget evening for me too…y’know, if/when i finally do get that phone (which i secretly covet too)? i’m going to call it the kaos phone. would that be wrong?

  3. holly says:

    okay, sorry for the doubler, but i am now stuck with robert palmer’s ‘riptide’ in my head. . .it’s okay, but i’d like to move on. could you say ‘joyride’ or ‘rock steady’ or (oh my god i have no idea what’s on the charts at the minute) hmmm….’tusk’? yeah, tusk. that comes up in so MANY conversations, i know, but it’s got a nice beat which will help me code. thanks.

  4. mielikki says:

    well. Sometimes you have to stay with the older, more experienced slots. . . hee hee.Seriously. My Mac, it’s coming today. Where is it, I want it!

  5. CamiKaos says:

    Lori: Yeah… it And you of all people know that this is probably a toned down version of what was said.mie: I don’t know where yours is but they just delivered one to my door. I never even had to pay for it… It’s just mine… they said it was from some far away cousin… and I’m gonna take it in my bedroom, close the door and make it my bitch… But do let me know when yours gets there okay?holly: Mr. Kaos will be SOOOOO pleased someone got the reference… but I can not help you get it out of your head. I could pound some Nick Cave tunes in… how about. The Carny? oh and… secretly coveting… what part of the coveting is sercret?Stephanie: Honestly, I’m a little scandalized too…

  6. Traci says:

    they’re taunting me. I swear. The Fed ex truck just drove by, with my Mac on it, I am sure. But it didn’t stop. It went to another house to deliver something not nearly as worthy or loved.Damn Fed ex! They must not know who I am…

  7. mielikki says:

    ah, geez. was signed in under my other account. But, you know that was me, right? Of course right. And I would think, by now, that the world, as far as we know it, know’s my “real” name. How funny. Second time I’ve done that this week. Fed ex STILL not here. Bastards.

  8. sybil law says:

    Oh Mr. K and his dirty, dirty mind…No wonder I like him.:)I was thinking of Pinball Wizard. I am so off the mark, I think. But Tusk also makes no sense. :)

  9. me says:

    Love is all about letting someone you trust stick things in your slots. Unfortunately, I’ve been getting nothing but wrong numbers lately though.

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