sleepless nights…

I’m a little tired babies.

I’m keeping late nights.


The time I want to go to bed sees me sitting wide awake.

And what am I doing with that precious time I have scheduled for sleep?

I could be blogging, commenting, reading, editing, watching tv, planning parties, fretting, doing bills, chasing the cats or folding laundry…

but I’m not.

The past two nights I’ve sat up late with Mr. Kaos talking.


and talking and talking and talking.

What were Mr. Kaos and I talking about?

Do you remember that time when you first met the one you love and you spend hours laying in each other’s arms and chatting about everything under the heavens. Your day? Their day? Childhood memories? Dearest wishes? Embarrassing moments? Family mysteries? The way the wind blows the leaves in little circles along the ground? Anything? Everything?

That’s what we were talking about. Anything. Everything. Our hopes. Our dreams. Our life.

He’s still worth losing sleep over.

22 thoughts on “sleepless nights…

  1. sybil law says:

    You let sleep loose on him?! Oh noooooz!Haha – had to pick at the typo. :)Also, I seem to recall a time when the talking was not fun… HahaMe loves you.

  2. Mr Kaos says:

    I live this hectic corporate life.There is this woman with short black hair who lives with us. She wakes my kid up everyday and takes her to school, helps her with homework, plays with her and puts her to bed. I think her name is “Mrs. Livingston”, but I don’t think she’s Japanese (get the reference, folks?). She’s a hard working gal.Sometimes my “girlfriend” is at my place in the evenings while I am eating a late dinner (cooked by “Mrs. Livingston”) after a long day at work. I appreciate her company because she is talented in many areas: writing, art, design, etc. She is also a beautiful young woman and I am very attracted to her.I do find it odd that “Mrs. Livingston” and my girlfriend have the exact same hairstyle…

  3. Gunfighter says:

    “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”…. look dude, I was raised by a television!”People let me tell you ’bout my best friend….”

  4. Travis Erwin says:

    You can get all the sleep you want once your dead.That’s always been my motto when i am losing sleep due to something I want to do. Getting up early for work is another matter.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    lindy: here’s a tissue dear.mie: sigh… yep. travis: last night I didn’t let it spillover into sleepless night 3 because I had to be up and at it early to work in K’s class at 8am… I need my wits about me to deal with 25 sneaky 5 & 6 year olds.gunfighter: we dogunfighter again: I think there may be a tv show down on my blog someday.sybil: bring the brass knucklesbellevelma: I just reread it… I am close to making myself sick with my sweetness.holly: yeah, sybil is coming to do a smack down. You know I think she’s about 5’3″ too… or 5’4″ If you combined the three of us we might be quite intimidating… wanna help us take the bitch down?Mr. Kaos: I’ll pretend I don’t know about her and call of my posse of wonder women if you bring me sushi for dinner.flutter: thank you. I feel so lucky that I still get to feel like that.kiki: yeah.. i try to let sleeping men lie… mr. kaos tends to snarl too when I wake him up.

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