cold weather hints

I just thought I would make a few little notes for people. Important little pieces of information.

A little friendly advice from me to that lady I saw yesterday in shorts and flip flops with just a little hoodie jacket to keep her warm when it was only 35 degrees outside.

She wasn’t homeless. At all. She was wearing some nice shorts and that hoodie was probably designer. Her purse had to be worth a pretty penny too.

So my hint for her, my little tip; Instead of whining on the phone to your friend about how cold you are PUT SOME REAL CLOTHES ON.

This tip is for the kids at my daughter’s school, probably all the schools… and their parents: It is December. It is Winter. This is Oregon not Arizona. Maybe you aught to get your kids to wear PANTS or I don’t know something that doesn’t resemble summer clothes when there is actually ice on the ground.

And you over sexed 4th grader trying to dress like a Bratz doll; if you HAVE to wear a mini skirt and platform shoes to school do you think you could at least put on some tights so we don’t have to see the odd color your skin turns in the cold?

Oh and here’s a little hint for myself; Stop paying attention to people, at all. You’re letting them drive you insane.

14 thoughts on “cold weather hints

  1. holly says:

    i think i’d like to hear the results of giving your daughter a water pistol, and paying her to aim… no? the REALLy sad thing is she’s probaby going to end up breeding. a know, to keep warm.. .and don’t forget, she if she didn’t have the cold, she’d have absolutely NOTHING to talk about. wait, that’s probably better.

  2. Dan says:

    I’m one of those people who people stare at horrified when I’m wearing a t-shirt in the depths of winter and ask “Aren’t you cold!!??”Like a whale I have layers of blubber to keep me warm.

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    It’s the little kids in summer clothes turning blue that gets me. What are those parents thinking? Are they part snowman?

  4. sybil law says:

    I am so glad my kid wears a unform to school so I don’t have to look at futuresluts. I am sure they’re there, but we can’t tell, uet. They can’t even wear makeup at her school! Yay!As far as the dumb bitch walking around in flipflops, at least she gave you some blog fodder. I’d have laughed at her. In her face. Your advice to yourself is probably best, though. I mean, really. People suck!

  5. Lindy says:

    Oh Cami you haven’t seen anything until you see a northern UK women wearing halter tops, shorts/skirts and high heeled strappy sandals, in January in the rain on a Friday night waiting for the bus. I’ll take some pics. They’re English right, so they’re really pale. Do you know what happens to really pale people when it’s cold??? they turn BLUE!! I just laugh at them- to their face- idiots!!

  6. The Holmes says:

    Now you’ve done it. You’ve completely blown my image of Oregon. I thought those people didn’t live there, but they do. I guess they’re everywhere.

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