A while back I held a little contest in order to hand out the Break Out Blogger Award I received from Jo. It was a whileeeeee back. I did choose the winners, my dad and Sybil rocked the challenge with great entries, each very different about something they had broken. My dad’s was a touching look back at his earlier years, Sybil’s was chaotic and full of broken shit. I loved them both.

But what did they win?

I offered them the choice of a customized Break Out Blogger Award or a Cami designed header for their blog. Sybil chose the header:

What do you think? Very Sybil yes? What matters is that she likes it. You do like it right???

As for my dad, he chose the award and he sent me a little picture to help put me on the right path for an award just for him…

The image spoke for itself really, all I did was add the words.

So congrats to my dad and Sybil and thanks for all the patience. xoxo – CamiKaos

9 thoughts on “overdue

  1. CamiKaos says:

    Lisa: Thank youdaddy: I wondered why you wanted the award. It’s because you didn’t KNOW you could have a fabulous brand new header. We’ll talk about what you want and I’ll make it soon.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh, forgot to say earlier, love the new header. It’s your tats right?And Sybils is gorgeous, and I love your dad’s pic. Fantastic. :D

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