update made evil…

Evil things are a foot.

Conspiracies and what not.

Sad horrible overly dramatic things.

And of course the weeping…

*sniff sniff*

I won’t let you see me cry.

(I’m gonna take a moment to compose myself).



Okay, I’m back, I’m strong. I’m okay.

Life goes on right?

Even though *sigh* even though my co-hosting gig for the day is CANCELED.

You all heard Mr. Fabulous say he wanted to make me cry right? Yeah, so you’d assume it was his doing but… *sniff* it’s not.

BLOGTALKRADIO shuts down for maintenance or whatever at 6pm (3pm west coast) instead of 7. So I can not reach out my voice to all of you.

And I was gonna say some stuff.

My mom and daddy were gonna listen….

They were SO *sob* proud *sob* of their *sob* little girl……

But now they can just go see a movie instead. And I can sit and drink my cherry coke alone, in the echoing silence.


All joking aside Mr. Fab got really really (this morning) late notice that they would be shutting down at 6 instead of 7 so he won’t be doing a show this week. Maybe someday I will again attempt to co-host his show… but for today it is not to be.

I feel bad though, I was gonna put my voice out there for all to hear so instead I will try to do my first ever video post this week to make up for it… Then you can hear me and SEE me, oh the miracles of technology.

Much love, and I am really sorry for the last minute cancellation


9 thoughts on “update made evil…

  1. Corey~living and loving says:

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so sorry! That sucks.But hey…maybe I’ll have satelite internet by the time you do finally air. That would be good for me. :)

  2. CamiKaos says:

    M: I think that was a compliment ;)Troy: I will get the name and get back to you on that.Lisa, Corey, BW, Syb, Flutter: LOVE TO ALL OF YOU. Thanks for making me feel better.

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