Let me start off by saying that while I am in fact a girl, even a vaguely girlie girl who likes to get her hair done, get pedicures and who has her brows waxed somewhat regularly I am not one of those go to the movies and weep over a love story, read romance novels and cry that it will never happen to me then eat myself portly over the injustice of lacking that certain sense of chivalry in my life kind of women.

I would say this is largely due to the fact that Mr. Kaos swept me off my feet and I don’t really feel I suffer from a horrible lack of romance, but the truth is I have never in my life been that girl.

Most men I know have watched more Meg Ryan movies than I have. If you were to quiz me on all the different genres of movies I would definitely fall short in the chick flick category. And horror. I’m not big into horror either unless it features Bruce Campbell, he has a certain flair in a horror flick that will not be resisted… but back to the chickflickiness.

I had a big shock and awe kind of moment last night when I found that TiVo for some reason thought I would want to watch Kate and Leopold. It recorded it as a suggestion for me and being all caught up on real television of substance and value (Doctor Who and The Daily Show) I decided to watch it to kill a couple of hours.

Well it did it’s job, my couple of hours are dead. dead dead deadski… and I am thoroughly disgusted with myself because at the very end of the movie I found myself thinking “Oh how sweet, Meg was like a bitter little Cami who never found her Mr. Kaos…”

Yeck. I’m disgusted. I think not having my own computer to play on at night has given me chickflickitis… If you see me going near the remote smack my hand and remind me that I am fully capable of being a bad bad girl.

11 thoughts on “chickflickitis…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    oh no… i do hope this does not mean … you know… you’re going GIRLY GIRLY on us… get that damn computer back already!

  2. sybil law says:

    Never heard of it.But I did like, “Love, Actually”, which was shocking. That’s about as chick flick as I get. Thank GOD.

  3. landismom says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t get past the title of this post. I just keep thinking of Dave Chappelle and “the itis.”Snicker.

  4. julie says:

    OK, I am not ashamed to admit my love for chick flicks. Well, maybe a little ashamed. But I mix up my “When Harry Met Sally” with “Kill Bill”, so it’s not so bad.But, really… I’ve seen all of them. And “Kate and Leopold” is not at all representative of the good ones. But sometimes when you’re flipping through channels and nothing else is on and the stupid Oxygen network keeps playing it over and over…Well, just get your computer back. As soon as you can.

  5. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    I am the sane way! And it confuses my husband bc women on TV and movies always like sappy. He doesn’t understand why I can’t handle it. I think he’s sappier than I!

  6. CamiKaos says:

    I just have to not that when my husband read this post he could not contain his laughter. Then reading the comments sent him for another round of laughter…Of course if I want my heart to get all swoony while watching film I just need to watch Dr. Who….. oh, Doctor… save me.

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