home again home again jiggity jig…

In stark contrast to the rest of my week I sit now in my back yard on the patio with the tiki tent overhead and the tiki bar to my side. The incense is lit, our little fountain trickles and K and Mr. Kaos discuss all the possible ways to defeat Emporor Zurg.

Oh thank heaves I am home. I am home, I am here. Not there. Resting in my springy chair having just finished dinner I’m listening to the soothing sounds of Chet Baker and the loud horror of K as she beats cups and plates with chopsticks in a cruel attempt to duplicate the sounds of the Tiki Room.

I guess you can take the kid out of the park but you can’t take the park out of the kid?

It is so good to be home. Isn’t it? Are you glad to be home??? Are you home? Are you glad I’m home. Of course you are.

So yeah, I’m out for the weekend, full on posting extravaganza shall start in earnest on Monday but for now my nerves are SHOT. My brain is wasting away and I just want to curl up with a good book and dream the weekend away…

Umm… so… no one talk to me about HP… I’m not ready.

xoxo CamiKaos

8 thoughts on “home again home again jiggity jig…

  1. bellevelma says:

    Welcome home! And I won’t breath a word about he who must not be spoken of yet. Not here and not at my place either. So you are free to visit anytime.

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