rushing past…

Yesterday we spent the day here, at the hotel, quietly.

Mr. Kaos worked. K and I swam. We ate junk food (cause it was readily available) and we did our best to stay off our feet and rest. Breathe. Chill.

Because after 4 days of running we needed that day.

I needed that day to read my e-mail and to collect my thoughts. To write some postcards and rest my weary body and mind.

K needed the day to play. It amazes me that even though we’ve spent 4 days in 2 amusement parks bouncing back and forth K still needs time to play. She’s had no time to just be.

When we woke up in the morning we had a big breakfast, downloaded some photos, snuggled and talked and then K played. She picked up her dolls, her crayons, some paper, all her loot from the shopping insanity and she played. Quietly, enthusiastically, here and there… like she was at home. It was good to see her play with her dolls, dance and sing and run around. It was good to see my normal K.

But now we shift back into high gear because in an hour or so we’ll meet up with an old friend that I haven’t seen in 9 years. EXCITEMENT.

For me.

K, she couldn’t care. Mike, eh, he’s fine with it. But me, it’s like extra chocolate sauce on my already awesome vacation sundae.

babble babble… as I realize that is what I am doing.

There will be no post tomorrow. We’ll be too busy wrapping up our last day of Di$ney action and running to the airport. Once we get to the airport I think I’ll pick up the last HP book and make a start on the airplane… fear not… I will not disclose any secrets on this blog. I don’t want it spoiled for me or anyone else.

Happy day guys…

xoxo – CamiKaos

8 thoughts on “rushing past…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    you didn’t get the book yet?? Should I just ship my copy so it’s at your house Saturday?Glad you are having so much fun, glad you are seeing that guy that doesn’t post enough.Glad you will be back to normal soon.Love ya. Have a blast.

  2. mielikki says:

    All in all, sounds like an great vacation. I’m so glad you took a rest day!here’s to normal! (whatever that is. . .)

  3. julie says:

    A vacation isn’t a vacation without a little rest. That sounds perfect. Have a great last day and a safe trip home!

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